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TOP 7 BEST Hotels in Tabriz

TOP 7 BEST Hotels in Tabriz

Can’t decide where to stay in Tabriz, Iran? Couldn’t find a place that matches both of your budget and expectations? Well, that’s normal. Due to the numbers of hotels in Tabriz, it is a bit hard to know what are the best hotels in Tabriz. Luckily, Apochi already picked up 8 of the best hotels in Tabriz for you.

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International Tabriz


Located in the heart of the city, Tabriz International Hotel is a luxury 4-star hotel that has many advantages. Firstly, it is close to some of the most important tourist attractions like Pottery Museum of Tabriz (3 Km), Constitution House of Tabriz (4Km), Arg of Tabriz (3 Km), Saint Mary Church of Tabriz (4 Km), Ostad Shahriar Museum (3 Km), El Goli Park (6 Km), and Measure Museum (3 Km).

The hotel has 135 rooms, which includes single, double and triple sharing rooms. You can also include an extra bed on request. However, there are additional charges for it. Hotel Tabriz International is one of the best service providers in the field of hospitality management. The food offered is delicious and the service is commendable. Hence, if a person is looking for the great hospitality and a perfect stay with all the luxuries then this hotel is the perfect destination.

Shahryar Tabriz

Shahryar Hotel

Shahryar Hotel

It took its name from a famous Persian poet. Shahryar Hotel is a 5-star property with numerous facilities and services. If you are wondering where to stay with family and kids in Tabriz, Shahryar Hotel is your answer. First of all, it is located near El Goli Park, which is a perfect tourist attraction for families. Secondly, this hotel offers a variety of rooms from the capacity of one to four people. Finally, this hotel is kid-friendly; so, all the kids under the age of two can stay for free. Also, kids between 2-8 are half charged.

Another reason why you should consider this hotel as one of your options in Tabriz is its accessibility to main attractions like Jameh Mosque of Tabriz (6 Km), Blue Mosque (5 Km), Bazaar of Tabriz (6 Km), Eynali (6 Km), and Tabriz Valiasr Park (1 Km).

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel

Kaya Laleh Park

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel

The next item on the best hotels in Tabriz is Kaya Laleh Park. This 5-star property has several restaurants. They provide food for guests with different tastes of traditional and international cuisines. Above all, the restaurants merge authentic Iranian culture and heritage with top culinary from across the globe.

Don’t forget to visit Arg of Tabriz (7 Km), Saint Mary Church of Tabriz (7 Km), Ostad Shahriar Museum (6 Km), El Goli Park (5 Km), Measure Museum (7 Km), Amand Tourism Complex (24Km), Mausoleum of Poets (6 Km), and Azerbaijan Museum (6 Km).

El Goli Pars Hotel


Our next best hotel in Tabriz is the luxury El Goli Pars Hotel. This 5-star property is like a castle of glass on top of Tabriz. With 178 rooms on 17 floors, this hotel is ideal for both individuals and families. Besides, as you can guess from its name, this hotel is next to El Goli Park. El Goli Park has become the leading touristic pole of the city due to its natural beauties. The awesome feeling of walking in the nice and fresh coolness of the park can never be compared to any other landmarks of Tabriz. 

Here are other touristic attractions near El Goli Pars Hotel: Jameh Mosque of Tabriz (10 Km), Blue Mosque (8 Km), Bazaar of Tabriz (9 Km), Eynali (9 Km), Tabriz Valiasr Park (5 Km), Amir Nezam House (Qajar Museum) (9 Km), Parvin Etesami’s House (8 Km), and Saat Tower (9 Km).

Darya Tabriz


Darya Hotel

Want to be near Bazaar of Tabriz, so you can buy beautiful souvenirs and other traditional stuff from Tabriz? If yes, Darya Hotel is a good choice for you. This 3-star hotel is in the middle of the joyful atmosphere of the city. So, using public transportation is not an issue for you. Use a taxi or bus to reach attractions like Saint Mary Church of Tabriz (4Km), Ostad Shahriar Museum (5 Km), El Goli Park (12 Km), Measure Museum (5 Km), Mausoleum of Poets (6 Km), Azerbaijan Museum (5 Km), and Heidarzadeh House (5 Km).

Tabriz Morvarid Hotel

Morvarid Hotel

Tabriz Morvarid Hotel

If you are looking for a cheap hotel among these best hotels here it is! Morvarid Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Tabriz. So, you can be sure that they know how to welcome you. This 1-star and modest place is located in one of the main streets of the city which enables you to easily access the tourist attractions. Arg of Tabriz (1 Km), Saint Mary Church of Tabriz (1Km), Ostad Shahriar Museum (1 Km), El Goli Park (9 Km), Measure Museum (1 Km), Mausoleum of Poets (2 Km), and Azerbaijan Museum (2 Km) are some of the examples.

Why this hotel is on our list of best hotels in Tabriz? Because its rates start from 8 euros (rates might differ due to the currency fluctuations) and it has single rooms, twin rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and family rooms. So, it is suitable for individuals and families.

Gostaresh Hotel

Gostaresh Hotel

Gostaresh Hotel

Finally, Gostaresh Hotel is another 4-star place on our list. You can enjoy the benefit of breakfast in bed, a buffet, which gives you a taste of the traditional food with various continental dishes as well, in-house coffee place and a bar.

Moreover, the airport and the terminal are at a distance of 10-15 min each and the railways are 30 minutes away. If you want your hotel to be near major tourist places then Gostaresh Hotel is just the place for you. Blue Mosque (2 Km), Bazaar of Tabriz (3 Km), Eynali (4 Km), Tabriz Valiasr Park (2 Km), Amir Nezam House (Qajar Museum) (2 Km), Parvin Etesami’s House (2 Km), Saat Tower (3 Km), and Pottery Museum of Tabriz 3 Km) are some of the near places.


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  • How much is a hotel in Tabriz?
Hotels in Tabriz cost from 10 to 180 euros per night depending on location, services, and room types.  
  • Why rates might differ from time to time?
The official currency in Iran is Rial and due to its unpredictable exchange changes, you might see that the rates differ.  
  • Do I have to sleep on the ground in traditional hotels?
In most of the cases, no! Almost all the traditional hotels in Tabriz have beds, like all the standard hotel rooms. However, there are some traditional houses that do not offer beds and instead you have to sleep in traditional beds on the ground.  
  • Do all the traditional hotels have private bathrooms?
In most cases, yes! But, based on the hotel's architecture, there might be some houses that do not offer private bathrooms and you have to use the shared one.   Saat Tower is located in the heart of Tabriz. Sahand Hotel, Morvarid Tabriz Hotel, Sina Hotel, and Behboud Apartment Hotel are some of the hotels in this attraction's vicinity.  
  • What are the hotels near Tabriz International Airport?
As Tabriz International Airport is located out of the city, there is no hotel near this place and you have to drive at least 15 minutes to reach hotels.  
  • Which hotels in Tabriz have a night club?
According to Islamic laws, clubs, discos, or even casinos are not allowed. Moreover, hotels do not serve alcohol either. As a result, nightlife in Tabriz has a different concept.


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