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Pottery Museum of Tabriz

Beautiful Mixture of Clay and Water

Learn and see how to make pottery in Pottery Museum of Tabriz. Watching the skillful art of making pottery while smelling the pleasant aroma of wet clay can be relaxing. Also, there are numerous types of beautiful potteries to see. Let’s learn more about Pottery Museum of Tabriz in the following.

Pottery Museum

About Pottery Museum of Tabriz

Pottery Museum of Tabriz is located in one of the beautiful historic houses of Tabriz, named “Saraflar House”. The construction of this house dates back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras and it belonged to the novel family of Sarafdar from Alavi House. In 2005, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Iran bought this place and renovated it. Like most of the historical Persian houses, this house has two stories, a basement, and beautiful stucco works. Take your time in the yard of the Pottery Museum of Tabriz and enjoy the lively little gardens on each side of it.

Pottery Museum

Different Parts of Pottery Museum of Tabriz

The Pottery Museum of Tabriz is not just a museum. You can learn how to make pottery too! Besides the permanent exhibition of pottery objects, you can learn how to make traditional clay potteries. It is worth to mention that you need to inform the museum beforehand.

In the basement, there is a lovely pool in the middle, and temporary art galleries usually held in this part of the museum.

The main exhibition has three major parts where you can visit different artworks of great pottery masters and their students.

One of the parts that you must consider visiting is the shop. In this part, you can buy beautiful handmade potteries which are designed in more than 20 steps!

Pottery Museum

Location of Pottery Museum of Tabriz

Need to explore more in Tabriz? Well, here are some tourist attractions that are in the vicinity of the Pottery Museum of Tabriz: Constitution House of Tabriz and Mausoleum of Poets. Also, don’t forget to visit the traditional Bazaar of Tabriz, where you can find precious Tabriz souvenirs.

Pottery Museum

Where to Eat near Pottery Museum of Tabriz

Feel hungry after visiting the Pottery Museum of Tabriz? Ipek Yolu, Haj Ali Kebab, and Hoseyni Restaurant are some of your choices nearby.

Where to Stay near Pottery Museum of Tabriz

If you are planning to stay in a place near the Pottery Museum of Tabriz, there are some choices for you to consider. These are budget hotels nearby: Behboud Apartment Hotel, Sahand Hotel, and Sina.

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Pottery Museum of Tabriz Location

How To Get To Pottery Museum of Tabriz

by Bus

Find buses with Shams-e Tabrizi Bus Stop as their destination. Get off the bus and find the museum in Shahid Sadughi Alley.

by Car

Find Shakelli Three Ways as your landmark, turn to Shams-e Tabrizi St., find the museum in Shahid Sadughi Alley.

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