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Iran railway system provides a safe and comfortable connection to the main destinations in Iran. With more than 10000 Kilometers railway, there are daily trains leaving/arriving Tehran, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Ahwaz, Yazd, and other cities. Usually, there are several stops on the way to the main destinations. Different companies offer trains with different classes and amenities such as air conditioning, meals, TV, and etc. Guest attendees are ready to help passengers in most of the trains.

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Trains in Iran

Raja Trains include Simorgh, Sabz, and Ploor trains. All of these trains consist of compartments with four beds and have TV, air conditioner and charging sockets in each compartment. Other Raja trains are called Bus Trains because the arrangements of seats in each wagon are like a bus and there are no private compartments. Bus trains are usually faster than other trains and they are mostly used between Tehran and Mashhad. Some trains like Milad have 6-bed compartments. These trains usually do not have a TV in the compartments. Air conditioning and charging socket are available. Each wagon has a Toilet. Passengers can order hot drinks like tea and coffee.

All the trains which have separate compartments offer some “women only” compartments for ladies who feel more comfortable. It's not necessary for women to buy tickets in these compartments.

Fadak Trains are the most luxurious train in Iran. There are business and economy tickets available. Passengers are served with drinks and food while enjoying their time in the high class designed compartments.

Train Ticket Price in Iran

Trains are an affordable choice for traveling in Iran. Depending on the distance and type of the train, ticket prices vary between 9 to 29 EURO. Also, you can choose to include meals on your ticket which affects the price.

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Train in Iran: FAQs

In Iran, when you buy a train ticket, it contains your seat number. Basically you book your place at the same time you buy a ticket.

Train tickets for infants cost 10% of adults train tickets. Children between 2-12 years old will be charged for half of the adult`s ticket price.

Depending on train's class, amenities vary in trains. All the trains have a toilet and charging sockets. Catering service is also available on most of the trains and you can order food and drinks.

Although it's possible to scan tickets from your phone. It's recommended to print your ticket as it's written on all the train tickets you buy.

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