Iranian Tourist SIM-CARD

Are you worry about your phone costs while traveling in Iran? DON'T BE!

  1. Always Connected
  2. Cheapest price and Best Quality
  3. Access to the Internet Everywhere
  4. Decent Network Coverage
  5. 4G/LTE internet speed
  6. Easy to use

Travel like a LOCAL while traveling in Iran.

Prepaid SIM card made for you when traveling to Iran

Call, send SMS and emails, share your trip with friends, look for addresses, and search on the internet … just like you would at home!

You don’t need to have an International SIM card when traveling to Iran, Iranian Mobile SIM card enables you to make domestic and International calls, send SMS and enjoy the fastest 4G/LTE Internet services in Iran.

Using your home phone network can be expensive, so consider switching over to a local SIM Card to take advantage of better deals and plans.

Iran’s operators offer good roaming rates and sell prepaid credit, which allows users to take advantage of cheap local offers and deals.

The only thing you need to do is send us your passport. A mobile Sim-Card will be delivered to you at your first location in Iran.

After activating your SIM Card, you can use the internet services easily with high-speed Internet, message and call packages and even also have a video call with your friends in your country!

Advantages of activating Sim-Card:

  1. Presenting activation code in Sim-Card package.
  2. Presenting Sim-Card user guide in 3 languages (Persian, Arabic & English).
  3. 10 EURO primary credit on Sim-Card.
  4. A welcome package that includes 3GB high-speed internet will be activated.
  5. There will be no disconnection, deactivation or exit from normal mood while the Sim-Card is activated.
  6. Sim-Card will be activated for 60 days after activation.
  7. Call center support in Persian, Arabic, English and Azerbaijani language.

Order your Mobile Sim-Card before traveling to Iran and get it at your first Location.

It will be prepared up to 4 working days and the scan of your passport is required.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Master, Visa, and AMEX.

Travel Question?

Ask your questions about Sim-Card or any other services from our travel experts:

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