The most noteworthy 5-star Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel is an antique mansion. This previously belonged to a businessman for four generations first of all. Its location is in Pnje Ali Bazaar, Ghiam Avenue in Yazd. The entrance thus consists of a narrow alley enjoying tall entrance walls. Various mansion rooms also have one of a kind details. Each room has special traditional paintings.

Ceilings are also adorned with Yazd famous artists. These works of especially relevant art remain to this day. Some feature the orangery building located in the same city. Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel is therefore the first hotel in the world made of mud bricks.

There are also twenty-three rooms and seventy-seven beds available. Each room also has internet, a television and refrigerator. There is satellite television channels as well. There is also a praying room and wifi in the lobby. Make an online booking today to reserve a room in 5-star Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel.

Its qualities are unique for those seeking tranquility. Guests therefore find it to be a haven. In fact, you may want to extend your vacation another week and drink in the beauty of this place. You will find traditional restaurants with all typical Iranian foods. These are in the converted basement and center courtyard. These serve international and local food. Relax with a cup of coffee late in the afternoon. Do this at the Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel coffee shop.

Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel facilities are as unique as the mansion itself. There is a large wind catcher. The courtyard is quaint and beautiful. Wooden pillars are found here and there. There is a terrace where guests can meander. There are summer and winter chambers also. Corridors connect various basement rooms according historical Iranian architectures. This is why building has great charming feeling for all travelers. There is a large pool where the kids can splash around.

Tour spots near the Malek-o Tojjar Yazd Hotel are many. These include Shir Kooh, Water Reservoirs, Peer Harisht Fire Temple, Zeinoddin Caravansary, Lariha House, Mehrjerd Village and Narenj Castle.

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