A living piece of history

Welcome to Kashan

Dive into ancient Persia in Kashan. Rosewater, textiles and rugs are some famous examples what describe this city. Kashan offers an explosion of culture, with a number of historical places, a photogenic bazaar, and many old traditional houses which some of them are transformed to cozy boutique hotels where you could experience the traditional life. A delightful oasis city next to the desert, Kashan would enchant you definitely!

What to do in Kashan?

Kashan is a city what’s common on the route of travelers who are on their way to Isfahan and probably Yazd hereinafter. Kashan is a traditional Iranian city with many sights, stories and surrounding attractive villages to discover. Visit the traditional houses, especially Tabatabai, Brujerdi, Ameri and Abbasi house. These houses feature an incredible architecture, which certainly will enchant you! furthermore is the Sultan Mir-Ahmad bathhouse also an recommendable place to see. Its fine tile work, stucco and lights are breathtaking. Also don’t forget the bazaar, where you can find typical Kashani facts, like the rose water which they sell anywhere. In addition the best reason for coming here are the magnificent ceilings within the bazaar. A famous spot over all the country!

Need some rest? Escape the city and go to the Fin Garden. Persian garden are supossed to illustrate heaven, well they definitely made it! Natural springs, Turquoise and fountains dominate the green garden and its beautiful bathhouse complex.

The Agha Bozorg Mosque is the best example of Islamic structures to see in Kashan, it’s famous for its symmetrical design. Next for being in use as a mosque, it’s a school too! To be specific, a theological school.

Make also a daytrip to the Maranjab desert. One of the best reachable deserts in Iran to get into. Explore the high sand dunes by camel, your camera and just wander around Watch the sunrise, or wait till sunset and the hereinafter star heaven. The desert inspires everyone!

The UNESCO registed village Abyaneh, also called the red stone village. It’s located around 90 km’s of Kashan in the Abyaneh valley. This village is known it’s beautiful architecture, traditional clothing specifically from the inhabitants and their old dialect of Persian that dates from the Sassanian Empire. Abyaneh is truly a living piece of history. The village and its people’s ways of life and traditions have survived practically unchanged for hundreds of years. An unforgettable daytrip from Kashan!

Where to Stay in Kashan?

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How To Get To Kashan?

By Car

There are different road routes leading to Kashan. Road 65 is going from Tehran among Kashan to Isfahan. Also road 71 from Tehran to Bandar Abbas go’s via Kashan. Surround Kashan there are more little roads leading to places like Qamsar on road 587. Or to the desert by the Maranjab Road.

By Bus

There are many buses from towns in the environment and major cities over all the country to Kashan. Also from Tehran you can go easily to Kashan by bus, but make sure you get a direct one (not an Esfahan bus) or else you will be dumped beside the highway is far from Kashan. For bus tickets, don't hestitate to contact Apochi.com

By Plane

At the moment, Kashan can be reached by plane from Kish and Mashhad. For plane tickets, don't hesitate to contact Apochi.com

By Train

Traveling by train to Kashan is quite easy, because the city is located on three train routes. These three train routes are going among Kashan: Tehran - Shiraz, Tehran - Bandar Abbas and Tehran – Zahedan. For train tickets, don’t hesitate to contact Apochi.com

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Travel Notes For Iran

Planning your first trip to Iran? Feeling a little nervous? Don’t be! Travel to Iran can be a breeze, as long as you’re prepared. Here are 5 essential things to prepare before going to Iran.
Should be arranged in advance before entering Iranian national borders or airports.
Something what is really necessary to bring with you due the fact that ATM doesn’t work in Iran. Dollars and Euros could be changed in all major cities.
Women: A loose headscarf, long sleeved shirts (manteau), legs covered down till ankles, skinny jeans, sandals / slippers are allowed depending on the weather.
Men: No shorts, t-shirts are fine, slippers are allowed.
You certainly need an application when you want to check your Facebook in Iran or any other blocked / filtered website!
There should be an in advanced made reservation from a hotel whenever you pick up your visa on arrival. Apochi.com gives you the opportunity to book your hotel online before getting to Iran!