Apochi Travel Insurance for Iran:

While traveling to Iran can be one of the best feelings that you may experience in life, there are always some little worries that can threaten your perfect holiday. Things like jet lagging, language barriers, or more serious incidence like last-minute trip cancellation, losing your luggage with all your valuable things in it or maybe having a car accident. If none of these occurs, what if you would need to go to the hospital because you ate too much delicious Persian food? Seems like a nightmare, right? Well, don’t be so stressed out yet, there are ways that can help while you are traveling to Iran. With Apochi travel insurance, which is provided exclusively for travelers who visit Iran, you can enjoy your travel to Persia more than ever with total peace of mind and avoid certain financial risks. Moreover, it has been compulsory for travelers to have travel insurance when traveling to Iran since 2011.

Apochi travel insurance for Iran comes in 7-day, 15-day, 30-day, 45-day, 62-day, and 92-day packages and they are valid for 6 months. Good news is, there is no age-limit for travel insurance for Iran. For those who are under the age of 13, the insurance is half-charged and if the traveler is more than 65 years, the fees will be more based on age. In case of any medical conditions (poisonings, surgeries …), it covers up to 10000 euros of your expenses if your claim is approved. It is worth to mention that the travel insurance charges will be calculated based on the individual and the amount of time she/he would spend in Iran.

Remember, you MUST obtain travel insurance before traveling to Iran, otherwise, border officers do not confirm your visa. So, it is better to order your travel insurance for Iran as soon as you arrange your travel plans. With Apochi travel insurance, there is nothing to be worried about! Just reserve your insurance online and plan your awaited adventures in Iran with complete peace of mind.

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