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Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

Castle of Mirrors

Want to get lost in a world of lights and reflections? Museum of Mirrors and Lighting or Qasr-e Ayeneh (a castle of the mirror) in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Yazd can be a good start. This interesting museum is located in the middle of a spacious garden. You won’t regret visiting this beauty. Here is why…

About Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

The first thing that will catch your eyes is the lively yard and surroundings of this place. Museum of Mirrors and Lighting is in a Kushk. What is a Kushk? You might ask. Well, in Persian architecture, Kushk is a castle in the middle of a large garden. As you can see the building is an attraction itself. This place belonged to Saraf Zadeh in Pahlavi Era, who was a businessman. In 1998, this beautiful house turns to the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting. Saraf Zadeh House has a lot of Āina-kāri (a kind of interior decoration by putting small pieces of mirrors together in geometric forms or forms of flowers and shrubs) which are in front of the pool. The architecture of this place is a combination of Persian and European traditional architecture inside the building is interesting too, as it is like a maze. So, try not to get lost!. Besides the beautiful Āina-kāri, all of the rooms have breath-taking stucco and painting. Also, windows are decorated with colorful glasses, an indispensable item of Persian architecture. Also, the wooden doors of the museum will catch your eyes too.

Object of Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

You can see a range of fascinating objects from different historical eras in Museum of Mirrors and Lighting such as Old manuscripts, books, coins, stamps, guns and several bronze objects from Lorestan. Various types of mirrors, lights, matches, and weapons are displayed in this museum. One of the most attractive parts of the museum is the collection of matches from all over the world. Also, old lamps collection is really worth to visit.

Location of Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

As the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting is located in the heart of the city and you have easy access to public transportation (like Haft-e Tir bus station), you can navigate the city conveniently. Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Lari Ha House, and Zoroastrian’s Dakhmeh (Towers of silence) are some of the numerous tourist attractions of Yazd that you must visit as well.

Where to Eat near Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

Shater Abbas Restaurant, Sahel Restaurant, and Shaghayegh Restaurant are some of your choices to eat a delicious meal in near the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting. Enjoy!

Where to Stay near Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

Looking for an accommodation near Museum of Mirrors and Lighting? Here are some of your options: The 3-star Vali Traditional Hotel, the 4-star, and luxury Dad Hotel and Malek-o Tojjar Hotel.

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Museum of Mirrors and Lighting Location

How To Get To Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

by Bus

Take a bus from Amir Chakhmagh to Imam Khomeini St. Change the bus in Shahid Beheshti Sq. Station. In Dahom Farvardin St., you will take the next bus and get off at Haftom-e-Tir Station.

on Foot

Find Haft-e Tir Park. Museum of Mirrors and Lighting is across from the park.

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