Yazd Attractions

Khan Complex

A Combination of Yazd Architectural Designs

Yazd Khan Complex is located in a vast, beautiful, and well-designed square called Khan in Yazd. It is on the southern part of Qiyam Street and is one of the main Yazd Attractions. It was built under the command of Mohammad Taghi Khan known as The Great Khan in 1791. Three decades later, it was renovated. The plaster mold castings and other decorations were added then. The complex includes a school, a bath, and a bazaar. Dolat Abad Garden and Jannat Abad were also built under the command of Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi.

Yazd Khan Complex - Yazd Khan Bazaar

Khan Square

The surrounding shops in the square lead to Gheisarie Bazaar, Molla Ismail Mosque, Molla Ismail Bazaar, Mesgari Bazaar, and Rig Mosque. There are different shops on the four sides of the square. The portal of each shop is in a sigmoid curve. Khan Square was used as a place to judge and handle the storekeepers’ matter. They belong to the Qajar Dynasty.

Yazd Khan Complex - Yazd Khan Bath

Khan Bath

Khan Bath is one of the most famous baths in Iran. It is designed in a simple and cozy way that catches every tourist’s eye. It was built in 1797. The bath has different parts including Shah Neshin, Khazine, and etc. It has preserved the architectural design of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar Era.

Khan Bath has three accessibility entrances that are close to Khan Square, Kashigari Bazaar, and the residential texture of the city. These days it functions as a traditional tea house and restaurant. Yazd Khan Complex has been registered in National Heritage Sites List in 1986.

Nowadays the functionality of the bath has been changed into a restaurant. It served different local and Persian dishes.

Yazd Khan Complex - Yazd Khan Bath

Khan Bazaar

It is the longest and widest bazaar of Yazd with a length of 274 meters and 4-6 meters width. Some parts of the bazaar were established in the Afsharid Dynasty. The other parts were established by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi descendants. The bazaar includes some Bazaarche and Timche. Each has a specific name. This bazaar has two parts the southern-northern and eastern-western parts. Gheysarie Bazaar is between Khan School and Khan Square. It has a prominent architectural design. There are two valuable wooden doors. This is a place where people sell Yazd clothes.

If you have reached Panje Ali Bazaar, do not forget to go to Panahande Restaurant which is called Panahande Adasi Café (Panahande Lentil Soup Café). Trying Lentil Soup is a must. Khan Bazaar has been registered on National Heritage List in 2003.

Yazd Khan Complex

Where to Eat near Khan Complex

Haft Khan Traditional Restaurant, Hammame Khan Traditional Restaurant, Yazd Traditional Restaurant, and Shahrzad Restaurant are some of the places where you can taste local food at Yazd. Baam Cafe Restaurant, Marco Polo rooftop restaurant and Venice Cafe are some other places you can eat.

Yazd Haft Khan Restaurant Close to Yazd Water Museum

Where to Stay near Khan Complex

Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel is an antique 4-star hotel close to Yazd Khan Complex. If you are looking for a 3-star budget hotel, you can choose the Mehr Traditional Hotel, Lab-e Khandagh Historical Hotel, or Vali Traditional Hotel. If you are looking for a budget place, you can go to Sunny Land Guest House.

Malek-o Tojjar Traditional Hotel near Yazd Khan Complex


Khan Complex Location

How To Get To Khan Complex

by Car

Take Seyed Gole Sorkh Boulevard and then get on Qyiam Street.

on Foot

Get on Salman Farsi Street and then keep it up to Qyiam Street.

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