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Reza Abbasi Museum

Islamic Arts Treasury

They call it the “little National Museum of Iran”. It is definitely one of the richest historical museums in Iran due to its objects. Reza Abbasi Museum contains items from various periods of time, from the second millennium BC till the middle of the 20th century.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum Plan

You will find the objects in the chronological order in three stories. So, you will visit pre-Islamic objects on the third floor, Islamic Arts on the second floor, and painting pieces (Negar Gari), calligraphy, and temporary display halls on the first floor. As you can see, this way the evolution of Persian art is obvious throughout the museum. So remember, it’s better to start touring the museum from the third floor.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum Objects

Although it has numerous objects from different periods of history, Reza Abbasi Museum is famous particularly for the Islamic section. As mentioned, the second floor of this museum with two main halls is dedicated to Islamic Arts. You can vividly see the difference between methods and elements that were used in the Islamic period and other historical periods.

Not only the museum is rich for its archaic artifacts, but the miniatures and calligraphies artworks have so much to say. The most famous object of this part is the oldest copy of the Great Mongol Shahnameh by Ferdowsi.

Moreover, while you are ambling through the museum, you have the chance of visiting one of the best bronze works in the world. Lorestan Bronzes are spectacular because of their modern usage for that time. Most of these precious bronzes (Mefragh in Persian) are currently in Louvre Museum, but still, you will find some interesting examples of these artifacts on the pre-Islamic part of the museum.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum History

The building was a furniture store, but because of its architectural feathers government bought it and turned it to Reza Abbasi Museum. This museum had been opened and closed several times from 1977 afterward. But finally, for the fifth time, it was opened in 2000. They named this museum Reza Abbasi in respect of the great Safavid painter from Kashan.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum Other Parts

Apart from historical baked clay, oil painting, watercolor, gold rhyton (Takuk), and other objects, the hotel has a department for maintaining the objects. Also, it has a library with more than 10000 books and magazines in Persian, English, French, and German. Researchers and students are welcomed to use this library.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum Location

Reza Abbasi Museum is a little far away from touristic sites of Tehran. Yet, the easy access to public transportation (subway, bus, and taxi) will allow you to visit lots of tourist attractions of Tehran conveniently. the stunning Tabiat Bridge and Ab-o Atash Park are in your vicinity. Use the red line of Tehran subway to navigate the city and easy access to Sa’ad Abad Complex, Niavaran Palace Complex, Cinema Museum of Iran, and Tajrish Bazaar in the north. In the southern parts of Tehran, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the marvelous Golestan Palace, right next to Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Just keep walking toward the north from the Golestan Palace and you will see the National Museum of Iran, Portal of Bagh-e Meli, National Jewelry Museum, Moghadam Museum, Masoudieh Palace, and Negarestan Garden.

Reza Abbasi Museum

Where to Eat near Reza Abbasi Museum

Getting a little hungry after visiting the Reza Abbasi Museum? Here are our suggestions for places where you can enjoy a delicious Persian meal or fast food. Classic Restaurant, Yas Restaurant, and Rendi Restaurant are good places to try Persian and Traditional foods. If you want to eat fast food Otaili, Maroon, and Vist Food might meet your needs.

Persian Food

Where to Stay near Reza Abbasi Museum

If you want to stay in this neighborhood, there are several hotels to consider, Venus Hotel, Eram Grand Hotel, and Kuroosh Ap Hotel are all in close vicinity of the Reza Abbasi Museum.

Nearby Hotels

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Reza Abbasi Museum Location

How To Get To Reza Abbasi Museum

by Metro

Use Shahid Ghoddoosi metro station on the third line of Tehran subway (pale blue line). After you exit the station, head to the north and you will see the museum after five minutes of walk.

by Bus

If you want to get to Reza Abbasi Museum by Bus, Use BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lines in Resalat Highway (Shariati Bus Stop).

by Car

There are several taxi terminals in Tehran with Seyed Khandan as their destination. Namely Vali Asr Square, Enghelab-e Eslami Square, Ponak etc.

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