Cheap Hotels in Shiraz, Iran

How to find budget accommodations in Shiraz city center?

If you are planning to spend some time in Shiraz, the historical capital city of Iran, you might be searching for a hotel to stay at. For those who are traveling with budget issues, we have a lot of cheap and budget offers regarding accommodations in Shiraz. There are many reasons why people choose to stay in a budget hotel or cheap hostel. No matter what your reason is, you can make sure that you will save a huge lot of money and spend it on other activities in Shiraz based on your preferences. Generally speaking, hotels and hostels prices in Iran are fairly cheap in comparison to many other countries around the world. Moreover, as you can have a breakfast-included stay from 6 USD/EUR per night, economical stay in Shiraz is never a far-fetched image.

Almost all cheap accommodations in Shiraz offer free high-speed Wi-Fi, breakfast, private or shared bathrooms, 24-hour front desk, and luggage storage. Parhami Traditional House, Green House Apartment Hotel, Golshan Traditional Hostel, Raz Traditional House, Taha Traditional Hostel, Shiraz Seven Hostel, Shiraz Friendly Hostel, Shiraz Parmis Apartment Hotel, Niayesh Hostel, Jahan Nama Apartment Hotel, Hafez Hotel, are some of the budget properties in Shiraz.

Traveling to Shiraz?

Shiraz has one airport, train station, and bus station. The bus station (Karandish Bus Station) is in the Shiraz city center while Shiraz Airport is a bit farther from the city center. Regardless of which entry point you arrive at Shiraz, you can reach the city center via 24/7 taxi services in Shiraz or the transfer services that the hotel provides for you.

Shiraz is the beautiful city of ancient monuments and sour orange blossom aromatic gardens. The most prominent Iranian poets of all times, Hafez and Sa’adi, have their dignified mausoleums and tombs in Shiraz. Keep in mind that you need at least a whole week to visit the numerous attractions in Shiraz. Persepolis, Pasargadae, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Eram Garden, Nasir-Ol Molk Mosque, Shahcheragh, Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Sa’adi, and a lot of other backdrops of Shiraz must be on your visit list.

A budget hotel with luxury services

What are Budget Hotels in Shiraz with Great Access to Public Transportation?

When on a budget travel, you need to control your taxi fares as well. Therefore, the importance of choosing a cheap hotel or hostel near public transportation system comes into light. Shiraz Seven Hostel, Taha Traditional Hostel, and Shams Hotel are the nearby budget hotels and hostels to metro stations. Hence, you will easily get to anywhere in the city that you wish to. Shiraz Friendly Hostel is only 8 kilometers far from Shahid Dastgheib International Airport. Moreover, Shiraz Parmis Apartment Hotel, Panj Dari Traditional House and Taha Traditional Hostel are less than 12 kilometers away from this airport.


What are Cheap Hotels in Shiraz near Shiraz Attractions?

One great privilege about Shiraz is that Shiraz attractions are not so far from each other. As a result, almost all Shiraz hotels are constructed in the same region as its attractions. Whether you like to stay in a luxury or budget accommodation, the central part of Shiraz is a better area to choose. Budget accommodations near Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, and Vakil Bazaar are Taha Traditional Hostel, Panj Dari Traditional House, Hafez Hotel, Shams Hotel, Parhami Traditional House, Golshan Traditional Hostel, and Raz Traditional House. If you want to reside economically near Tomb of Hafez and enjoy the nightlife of Shiraz, you would better choose Shams Hotel.

For cheap activities in Shiraz, you can go to Chamran Boulevard which is spread from north to south of Shiraz. Chamran Boulevard is a popular destination among families in Shiraz for weekends.

Unfortunately, there are no cheap hotels near Shiraz International Exhibition. However, more expensive options for staying next to this exhibition are Elysee Hotel, Chamran Grand Hotel, Pars International Hotel, and Homa Hotel.

Budget Traditional Houses in Shiraz

Your options for traditional houses in Shiraz are Parhami Traditional House, Golshan Traditional Hostel, Raz Traditional House, Taha Traditional Hostel, Shiraz Seven Hostel, and Panj Dari Traditional House.

If you are traveling to Shiraz for business, Elysee Hotel, Chamran Grand Hotel, Pars International Hotel, and Homa Hotel are good choices to make. They are also in close proximity to the Shiraz International Exhibition.

Hostels in Shiraz

To name some of Shiraz hostels, we can mention Golshan Traditional Hostel, Taha Traditional Hostel, Shiraz Seven Hostel, Shiraz Friendly Hostel, Niayesh Hostel, Grandma House, and Shiraz Seven Hostel.  The mentioned hostels have proven to be the best hostels in Shiraz according to their high rank achieved by their location, services, professional staff, and lots of other advantages.

A Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

The Cheapest Hotels in Shiraz, Iran - Based on Customers Review 

The cheapest hotels in Shiraz, chosen by our travel experts and travelers to Shiraz include hostels, budget hotels, traditional houses and Shiraz hotel deals with cheap prices. Read the reviews on our website and book your favorite hotel from Shiraz hotel list.

One of our exceptional offers for a good hotel at a reasonable price is Beynolharameyn Hotel. This hotel is one of the newest 4-star hotels in Shiraz with a price of a 3-star hotel. This hotel provides online booking over the website and accepts all major credit cards.

Short / Long Stay Apartments in Shiraz

Renting apartments for a long stay in Shiraz does not exist in Iran as what you can do on Airbnb. Renting and staying in a private apartment in any cities in Iran is not allowed for foreign passengers. We highly recommend you to choose one of the cheapest hotels or hostels listed above for your stay in Shiraz.

Other Hotels and Accommodation in Shiraz

If you love to learn about Persia and the ancient Persian history, you have chosen the right city to explore. Cheap hotels in Shiraz range from the hostels to the low price hotels and apartment hotels in Shiraz. Shiraz hotel prices are different depending on the quality of locations and stars. Furthermore, you can narrow down your choices from the list of one-star hotels in Shiraz by neighborhood, prices, amenities, class, and more.

Zandiyeh Hotel, Darbe Shazdeh Boutique Hotel, Vakil Hotel, Chamran Grand Hotel, Shiraz Homa Hotel, Shiraz Grand Hotel, Shiraz Arg Hotel, Shiraz Royal Hotel, and many other luxury options in Shiraz are available from 60 to 120 euros per nights.

Shiraz Sasan Hotel, Parhami Traditional House, Golshan Traditional Hostel, Raz Traditional House, Taha Traditional Hostel, Panj Dari Traditional House, Shiraz Friendly Hostel, Niayesh Hostel, Grandma House, and Shiraz Seven Hostel and a lot of others are the budget accommodations in Shiraz. Prices of hostels and cheap hotels in Shiraz are about 6 to 60 euros per night. never charges a booking fee for your online hotel booking in Shiraz. You can book your hotel room in Shiraz online and save up to 45%. All major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa and AMEX are acceptable. Please visit our website for joining a tour organized by Apochi or buying Iran domestic flights tickets or any other inquiries about Iran visa, transfer, etc.

Budget Hotels and Hostels in other Popular Cities in Iran

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