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Tall Cedars Gathering

The smell of sour oranges stocks in the air, turquoise-tiled steams all around the place meeting each other in a lovely pond in the center of the garden, a majestic palace next to the pool, and all you can see is flowers. If this sounds familiar, you have probably heard about Eram Garden already. If not, let’s take a closer look at this breathtaking freshening piece of heaven which along with eight other Persian Gardens is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran.

History of Eram Garden

No one knows who exactly built this garden, but there is a saying that one of the chiefs of Qashqai tribes ordered to make this garden and the building during the middle of the 13th century. At least for 75 years, Qashqai tribe Chiefs were the owners of this property. After that, Farah Pahlavi bought this place and gave it to the University of Shiraz as a reception palace. Currently, the garden is under the possession of the Faculty of Agriculture, and The Faculty of Law of the University of Shiraz owns the mansion. Also, the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University is placed in Eram Garden and is open to the public.

What to Do in Eram Garden

Who doesn’t like a lovely walk around tall trees while the cool fresh breeze touches the skin? While you are enjoying the sound of water passing through stream beside you, and smelling so many different flower aromas at a time, pay attention to the surrounding, and you will see numerous species of plants, and trees from all over the world that gathered here. Don’t forget to visit the 75-meter high cedar; this highness is the tallest cedar tree in Shiraz. In different parts of the garden, you can see different sections such as decorative plants and trees with beautiful flowers such as yellow Jasmine, tomato flowers, peach flowers, peacock flowers, and Japanese Blossoms. There are also lots of fruit trees around you. However, one of the best parts of this botanical garden is the Rose section. With more than 200 species of roses, this collection is scarce in Iran and also in the Middle East.

Besides watching the trees and plants, there are other things that you can do while you are in Eram Garden. You can try dressing up like a local and take a memorable photograph of you with the garden landscape. Also, there is a gift shop in the yard that you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts from Shiraz. Finally, one of the best things that you can do in Eram Gardens is trying some delicious Faloodeh Shirazi! Especially if you are hitting this place during summer, and don’t forget that Shiraz is famous for its Faloodeh, so don’t ever miss this experience.

Architecture of Eram Garden

Eram Garden was built in a big square space. Many changes have happened over time in the garden area, but now it covers around 110318 square meters. One of the difficulties of building this garden was the steep slope of the land, which was solved using stares. The palace in the middle of the garden has unique ceramic tiles. If you look closely at the arch of this building you can see short animated stories that are painted on the tiles. This three-storey building was built in the middle of the Qajar era. Also, there is a museum of precious stones inside this building which can be surprising to see.

Location of Eram Garden

Eram Garden is located in one of the best neighborhoods of Shearer. You might be a little far away from the city center, but there is easy access to other attractions such as Chamran Boulevard, Afif Abad Garden, and Quran Gate.

Where to Eat near Eram Garden

If you feel hungry after visiting such a magnificent garden you can treat yourself to a delicious dish of Persian food. There are numerous restaurants around you. Khan Restaurant, Rott Restaurant, Bell Parsi Restaurant, Fish and Chips Restaurant, and Baharan Restaurant are some of your choices.

Where to Stay near Eram Garden

If you are looking for accommodation near the Eram Garden these options might be useful for you: Pars Hotel, Setaregan International Hotel, and Homa Hotel. If you want to stay in budget accommodations, we suggest taking a look at our page: Cheap Hotels in Shiraz, Iran.

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Eram Garden Location

How To Get To Eram Garden

by Metro

Find Namazi metro station and after 10 minutes of walk pass Daneshjoo Square and you will find Eram Garden.

by Bus

Find Kolbeh Sq to Eram Sq. or Narenjestan Blvd. to Namadi Sq. buses.

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