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Ghalat Village

More than a Dream

Perfectly hidden between willow and plane trees, cool weather, and a cozy atmosphere, and being away from the bustle of the city, Ghalat Village is a beautiful oasis to see. If you are interested in rural tourism or hiking a mountain, this is an exceptional choice for you. Let’s have a closer look at this dreamy Village in the Shiraz countryside.

Ghalat Village

About Ghalat Village

Ghalat Village is located almost 36 Km from the northwestern side of Shiraz. The city of flowers and poems is already filled and surrounded by gardens and greeneries and Ghalat Village is definitely one of the best of them. Ghalat is an old form of the word village and it means somewhere that has steamed springs and good weather. This village is perfect for those who are tired of traffic jams and sound pollution; you can find absolute peacefulness in this place. You just have to listen to the sound of water that is slowly pure from waterfalls and birds singing or enjoy watching the beautiful and green bushes and trees.

The villagers live in houses made of brick, clay, and stone, but ‏like many other old areas, modernization touches the purity of Ghalat Village, and there are some buildings such as restaurants and cafes which are built in a modern way, and they might not be in harmony with old patterns.

Ghalat Village

What to Do in Ghalat Village

There are three waterfalls in Ghalat Village that are worth visiting. Two of them have easy access, but you might find difficulty reaching the third. Also, you can see two rivers that pass through the village, and beside the banks of them, you can find local flowers and medicinal herbs, such as thyme and oregano. Don’t forget to take a deep, deep breath to inhale some fresh air into your lungs while you are listening to the sound of water and smelling these aromatic plants.

Hiking mountain is another favorite activity that you can consider doing when you are in this picturesque village. You are already 2065 meters above the sea level, imagine how it would feel if you climb higher. Bear the challenging climbing to the mountain, and as a reward, you will see a perfect view of Ghalat Village from the peak.

Ghalat Village

Apart from the spectacular nature of Ghalat Village, you can also find some historical monuments. An Old Church, watermill, and castle are some of these ancient sites, but unfortunately, you might only see some ruins of them.

Not a fan of climbing and visiting old buildings? You can just walk through the alleys of this relaxing village and enjoy the company of local people. They are so kind and hospitable. Speaking of locals, people of Ghalat Village have their own unique culture and costume. People of this Village are mainly Qashqai, and they wear their beautiful and colorful clothes and dresses on special occasions. If you are lucky enough, you may as well visit a traditional wedding and see these traditional costumes.

Ghalat Village

Last but not the least, don’t forget to buy souvenirs! You can purchase organic products from village farmers, such as whey, verjuice, and grape sap.

Ghalat Village

What to Eat in Ghalat Village

As mentioned, there are several restaurants in Ghalat Village that you can use while you are visiting this dreamy area. Darvish Baba Restaurant, Qalat Star Restaurant, Bam Grill Restaurant, Pachenar Restaurant, Grandma Home Local Restaurant, and Saharnaz Cafe and Restaurant are some of your choices.

Where to Stay in Ghalat Village

If you want to stay longer in this breathtaking village and enjoy discovering more about Ghalat Village, you may need to stay a couple of nights. There are some choices for you, Montqalat Lodge, Khale Nasi Guesthouse, Traditional Mountain Accommodation, and Art Hostel are some of these places.

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Ghalat Village Location

How To Get To Ghalat Village

by Car

In 25 Km after Shiraz to Sipadan route, you can find the sign and Underpass Road to this Village.

By Bus

In 25 Km after Shiraz to Sipadan route, you can find the sign and Underpass Road to this Village.

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