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Time Museum

A Magnificent Museum with a Collection of Clocks since Ancient Times

The only time museum of Iran is the Time Museum in Tehran. A fabulous collection of clocks and watches are gathered together here. It is a really interesting museum especially when you confront the ancient clocks. They function totally differently in comparison with normal clocks that we know today. You can also take a break in the café of the museum.

Location of Time Museum + Working Hours

The exact location of the Time Museum is Parzin Baghdadi Crossroads, Shahid Fallahi(Zaferaniyeh) Street, Valiasr Avenue, Tehran, Iran. The accessibility to this amazing museum is quite easy as its location is in a famous neighborhood. A number of attractions are nearby like Sa’ad Abad Palace, Niavaran Palace Complex, Tajrish Traditional BazaarMellat ParkValiasr Street, and Cinema Museum of Iran. The Time Museum is open every day from 9 A.M to 4 P.M except Saturdays. Further information: [email protected] or official website.

Time Museum

History of Time Museum

Since ancient times, when prehistoric human-invented the first clock in 2000 BC, humans have been feeling the need for measuring time. Accordingly, it is widely considered as one of the oldest inventions of the human beings. Time Museum has collected almost every clock since the old times and has put them on public display. It is the only museum in Iran that has such specifications. The building of Time Museum is about 80 years old. However, an aesthetician called Hossein Khodadad bought the building of this museum in 1967. As he was deeply devoted to artworks, he decided to change this building into a museum. The many architectural improvements since then have fully completed the perfection of this museum. The evolution of time measurement since ancient ages is there for all to visit and enjoy.

Time Museum

Structure of Time Museum

The building of Time Museum stands proudly in the middle of a 5-hectare garden. There are some maquettes of the old clocks in the garden that people can closely investigate how they used to function. These clocks contain sundial clocks, water clocks, hourglass, and the like. The museum itself displays all kinds of clocks since the 17th century. The first floor is particularly designated for mechanical, pendulum, torsion, ships clock, and other kinds of clocks. The external appearance of these clocks clearly shows that our ancestors did care about their decorations. Also, different calendars since old times are also collected. Furthermore, there are watches and pocket clocks on the second floor of this museum. There is also a café outside in the garden that offers tasty drinks and snacks or breakfasts.

Time Museum

Where to Eat Near Time Museum

Some of the extremely good places to try delicious meals are Heeva Cafe Kebab and Shemroon Kabab which are famous for the quality of the kababs they serve. You can also try the snacks and meals of the cafes in Bagh Ferdows. If you prefer to have an Italian dish, the greatest offer is Élysée Restaurant on the rooftop of Tandis Shopping Mall.


Where to Stay Near Time Museum

Apochi offers you to stay in some selected hotels with a different range of choices. You can choose among Sepehr AP Hotel (4-Star), Parsian Esteghlal Hotel (5-Star), and Espinas Palace Hotel (5-Star)Baloot Hotel (3-Star), and Diplomat Suite Hotel (3-Star).

If you want to know about the time difference between the world time zone and Iran standard time, be sure to read the rest of this article.


Tehran time difference with other countries

To travel to Iran from different parts of the world or to communicate with this country, you need to know what time it is in your desired country. For some people, it is necessary to know the difference between Iran's time and other countries. Because they either intend to travel to that country or want to plan their trip. Some people travel to Iran to continue their education or various other issues. But to do these things, you must first have a plan and do your work according to the Iran standard time. But what makes the time difference between countries in the world time zone?

Why Do We Have Different Time Zones?

Once every 365 days, the earth orbits the sun in a definite orbit and counterclockwise, which is called the earth's transition motion. Also, the earth rotates from west to east around itself. It is called the motion of the earth, which causes night and day and time differences in the world time zone.


World Clock or Greenwich and UTC

Before you know about the time difference between other countries and Iran's standard time, it is better to get acquainted with the standard world clocks to better understand the concept of the time difference in different regions. Greenwich with the abbreviation GMT is one of the world standard watches. This watch is located precisely in the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London and is known as a world standard time. The Greenwich Clock has features that allow different countries to calculate their time difference through a geographic map and counting lines between the meridian that originates in Greenwich and the geographical location of the destination. UTC with the acronym (UTC) or the globally synchronized clock you see in the image above, like Greenwich, is a measure of world time. But there are differences between the world clock and
the Greenwich Mean Time. UTC is based on the world atomic clock and is more accurate than the Greenwich and differs by about 0.9 seconds. Indeed, such a slight difference can be ignored for daily tasks, and Greenwich can be considered synchronized with the world clock.

Do you know the reason for daylight saving time?

Every year, on the first night of spring, at 12 o' clock, one hour of our time disappears and the hours are moved forward 60 minutes, and on the last night of summer, at midnight, it regains that lost hour and returns 60 minutes. This may seem magical at first glance and something like time travel, but we all know it is a simple human manipulation that there is, of course, a good justification behind it.
Why do they move the clocks back and forth?
The reason for moving the clocks back and forth at certain times of the year is to save time in the sun in summer or to save time in daylight, which in many countries of the world is known as summertime. In fact, at the beginning of spring, by moving forward the clocks, we move one hour of morning light towards the evening, in other words, the mornings become shorter and the evenings become longer, and at the beginning of autumn, we pull back our clocks to time we return to the standard.

What is the use of changing the clock?

Saving daylight time has many benefits for those who live far from the equator and whose daylight hours are much longer in summer than in winter, but in areas near the equator where day and night are almost full length. The same year is not very useful, so many cities and tropical countries are not included in this plan. Proponents of this plan believe that summertime, in addition to reducing crime and car accidents, has also reduced energy consumption. While opponents believe that the reduction in energy consumption in the summer period is offset by the increase in energy in the autumn and winter months, they are also forced to send their children to school in the morning while it is still dark, which poses many dangers. They believe that this law does not have a very good effect on human health.
Currently, more than 70 countries in the world change their clocks, the time and amount of which may vary in different regions depending on the local time. In Europe, hours are extended from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, but in the Southern Hemisphere, where the summer season begins in December, daylight saving time is from December to March. Countries like Kyrgyzstan and Iceland have daylight saving time throughout the year, while tropical countries do not experience daylight saving time at all.

daylight saving time

Table of time differences between Iran and other countries

To travel to Iran with different goals from different countries, we must first know that there is a difference of several hours between that country and Tehran. If you need further information about the difference time between Iran& 469 popular cities in the world, click here.

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Time Museum Location

How To Get To Time Museum

by Metro

Tajrish Metro Station (Red Line) is rather close to Time Museum. You need to take a taxi when you arrived at the station and spend about 15 minutes to get to the destination.

by Bus

BRT (Rapid Bus Transit) Baagh Ferdows Station or Kaazemy Station are the closest stations to this place. a few minutes of walking will suffice to get to Time Museum.

by Car

In case of using a personal car or a taxi service, going along Valiasr Street and exiting on Zaferanieh Street would be one of the directions to get to Time Museum.

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