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Chitgar Lake

Tehran Artificial Lake

Chitgar Lake or Persian Gulf Lake is a virtual lake in the western part of Tehran. It offers a lot of amusing activities to its visitors. Its nice fresh weather enlivens both the body and soul. The construction of this lake has taken a long time and a lot of effort.

Location of Chitgar Lake

The virtual Chitgar Lake or Persian Gulf Lake is located in the west of Tehran. The western and southern part of the lake is Chitgar Park which is a magnificent forest park. Other nearby attractions are Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, Laleh Park, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Carpet Museum of Iran, Moghadam Museum, Glassware & Ceramic Museum of Iran.

History of Chitgar Lake

The plan of building a virtual lake in the western part of Tehran dates back to 1968 when the first comprehensive plan of Tehran was approved. However, the construction process was procrastinated as there were many engineering and financial restrictions. A general reconsideration of the plan within a period of 8 years (2003 until 2010) finally led to its construction. As it had an extremely complicated building process, there was a huge need for other professional companies to collaborate. Consequently, what is known today as Chitgar Lake is the outcome of a great lot of efforts.

Structure of Chitgar Lake

The beautiful environment of this lake has increased the touristic visits of the area. The visual elements of the lake have brought it a magnificent view. There are also some entertaining facilities including amusing islands, wildlife islands, educational islands, sailing docks, water park, aqua club, recreational harbor, welfare facilities, amusement park, and accommodation services. The new rocky beach of this complex has made it possible for its visitors to take off their shoes and socks and to chill out while walking on it.

The Lake is 130 hectares wide and about 10 meters deep. Its only water supply is Kan Lake and there are no other sources. There is also a 120-hectare entertaining complex beside this lake. The crucial role that Chitgar Lake and Chitgar Park play in smoothing and cleansing the polluted air of Tehran is undoubtedly hard to ignore. The lake has not only given a spectacular view to the city but also it has decreased the probability of seasonal flooding and nutrified the aquifers.

Chitgar Lake

Where to Eat Near Chitgar Lake

The many chances of good restaurants you can grab are Safari Fast Food Restaurant, Sarvestan Traditional Restaurant, Atawich Fast Food Restaurant, and Burger Factory. They are all in the same neighborhood around Chitgar Lake.


Where to Stay Near Chitgar Lake

The best accommodations of the west of Tehran that Apochi offers to its guests are Olympic Hotel (4-Star), Danesh Hotel (2-Star), and Pazhouhesh Hotel (3-Star). Do not hesitate to make an online reservation right here on Apochi!


Chitgar Lake Location

How To Get To Chitgar Lake

by Metro

In case of using public transportation, you should only get to Line 5 (Green Line) of Tehran metro and get out at Chitgar Metro Station.

by Car

If you are taking a personal car or using a taxi service, you can take Hemmat Highway or Azadegan Highway to reach Chitgar Lake.

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