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a Green Paradise

Deylaman is a dreamy region in Gilan province and near Lahijan. This remote place has breathtaking sceneries, fresh air, and beautiful natural attractions. Stay with Apochi to discover more about this fantastic place in the north of Iran.


About Deylaman

It’s time to spend time with the mother of nature! If you want to experience some relaxing time in a far far away dreamy village, with no disruption elements of city life, Deylaman is a perfect choice. Imagine waking up in a crispy air in a beautiful village house, look out of the window and see the most beautiful color of the sky and the livestock in the grass.

This paradise, Deylaman, is located about 50 kilometers away from Lahijan, in Gilan, Iran. To reach this place, you have to first get to Lahijan and then Siahkal. After about 45 kilometers of drive in a beautiful but sharp road, you will reach Deylaman.


Where to Visit in Deylaman

Deylaman has several natural and manmade attractions to visit. If you’re an athlete, you can go hiking and even caving. Also, besides the wonderful scenery, Lunak Waterfall, Kuti Castle, Ti Ti Caravanserai, Garmavar Castle, and Deylaman Bath are some of the places that you can visit while you are staying in this region.


Location of Deylaman

Deylaman is like a piece of jewelry in the north of Iran, and it is almost a remote area. If you want to explore more tourist attractions nearby, you have to at least drive about 50 kilometers to get to Lahijan, another beauty in Gilan. If you continue your way toward the north, you will reach Rasht and you can visit Rasht Shahrdari Square, Caspian Sea, Caspian Complex, Masouleh, Masal, and Bandar-e Anzali.


Where to Eat near Deylaman

Want to enjoy a delicious traditional Gilaki meal while you are in this fantastic area? Well, there are some restaurants nearby that you can try. Seyed Kateh Kababi, Salar Restaurant, and Koohestan Restaurant are some of these places.

Where to Stay near Deylaman

Although there are some eco-lodges in Deylaman, you won’t find any fancy hotels nearby. If you wish to stay in a hotel and don’t want to spend a night in Deilaman, you can stay in a hotel in Lahijan, like the luxury Respina Hotel,  Lahijan Dehdar Hotel , or Lahijan Abrishami Hotel.

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Deylaman Location

How To Get To Deylaman

by Car

If you are in Rasht, drive to Lahijan (42 km), and after that, get to Siahkal (15 Km), drive another 45 km in Deylaman Road and you will reach this beautiful village.

by Plane

Fly from Tehran to Rasht, then drive to Lahijan (42 km), and after that get to Siahkal (15 Km), drive another 45 km in Deylaman Road and you will reach this beautiful village.

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