Luxury Hotels in Kish


TOP 5 LUXURY Hotels in Kish

Planning to travel to Kish Island, one of the most beautiful and luxurious destinations in Iran? Well, then one of the best ways to enjoy your trip is to stay in a luxury hotel. Here, Apochi introduces you the best hotel options in the magical Kish Island, when it comes to luxury hotels. These hotels come with dreamy features like a marine park.

One of the best things about Kish Island is that you don’t have to get a visa to travel to this charming place. Kish Island is the first two free trade zones in Iran. Moreover, this place is a great destination for shopaholics; various modern shopping malls and reasonable prices along with adventurous touristic sites make Kish one of the best touristic cities of Iran.

Let’s have a closer look at TOP 5 LUXURY Hotels in Kish to help you decide which luxury hotel to choose while staying in Kish.

Toranj Marin Hotel

Toranj Hotel

Toranj Hotel

Toranj Hotel is the first marine hotel in Iran and it is among the most expensive hotels as well. This modern and unique hotel is located on the northwest side of the island. As you can see, this hotel’s rooms are above the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. If you look at this hotel from the above, you can see that all 100 rooms of this hotel form a shape called Toranj, which is an old traditional Persian pattern that is used mainly for clothes.

Besides the numerous facilities and the fantastic view from your balcony, there is a glass window on floors in each room. These magical gates will enable you to enjoy the beauties of Kish Beaches more closely and you will have an aquarium of your own!

So, if you love nature and want to be close to the sea as much as possible, don’t lose this chance at Kish Island. You can reserve your room at Toranj Marine Hotel online right now on

Dariush Grand Hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel

The next stop on Apochi’s list of most luxurious hotels in Kish Island is Dariush Grand Hotel. This magnificent 5-star hotel has a very special design. As the name indicates, this hotel is named after Dariush, the great king of Persia. The outdoor design of this building resembles Persepolis, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire near Shiraz.

Staying in this hotel, you will feel like a true Persian. This symbolic hotel has various facilities and amenities. Apart from what you can find in your room, the free inclusive services include breakfast, airport pick up and drop and swimming pool. There is also a restaurant, coffee shop and, swimming pool. The swimming pool has the most peculiar landscape of a Nile-Like Bay; the body-building saloon; billiard saloon; ping pong table; and a bicycling field. Other facilities include the tennis court, boating in the lake of the north rib behind the main building of the hotel.

Not only you will have a convenient stay in this hotel, but also you will enjoy the sight-seeing around. The ancient City of Harireh, and Dolphin Park Complex are some of the touristic sites that you can consider exploring. If you wish to stay some magical nights at this hotel, book your hotel online here on our website.

Marina Park Hotel

Marina Park Kish

Marina Park Kish

Marina Park Hotel is a 5-star property in the heart of the island. Not only you can enjoy being near some of the most famous Shopping Malls of Kish, but also you can have a little adventure at the cozy wind-water park of this hotel. Also, you can visit nearby attractions. Don’t miss the dolphins’ performance at Dolphin Park Complex.  The Ancient Town of HarirehKariz-e Kish, and Hendurabi are other attractions.

There are various rooms and suites (with capacities of 2-4). Also, you can try mouth-watering Persian food Lotus Restaurant. This hotel is also suitable for business meetings; there are several facilities for businessmen. You won’t get bored at this hotel! There is a lot to do while you are staying in this place. There is a tennis court, Jacuzzi, gym, swimming pool, video game room, shops, and sauna. Also, there is a barbershop for you to use.

If this hotel meets your need, book your room online on our platform. Don’t worry about the payment, we accept credit cards!.

Maryam Sorinet Hotel

Soriant Maryam

Maryam Sorinet Hotel

The next item on the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Kish island is Maryam Sorinet Hotel. This 4-star hotel with its modern interior design offers numerous facilities. he hotel has four floors and the architecture is according to the European architectural style of Brook. One of the prominent features of the hotel is its closeness to Shopping Malls and Kish Beaches. It is also near to the recreational jetty of Kish and main shopping centers such as Morvarid Markets, Pardis 1 & 2, trade center, etc.

Maryam Sorinet Hotel, a 4-star hotel on the Kish islands, is the first hotel in all of Iran that is boasts of the BMS technology. The guests can enjoy the swimming pool, billiards club, gym, massage parlor, and the shopping center in the hotel. Also, staying at this hotel, you can access to some of the best touristic attractions of the island like Dolphin Park ComplexKariz-e Kish, and the secular Hendurabi.

Kish Sadaf Hotel

Kish Sadaf Hotel

Kish Sadaf Hotel

The other 4-star luxury hotel in Kish Island is Kish Sadaf Hotel. This hotel offers 55 rooms on 2 floors, so old people or those with claustrophobic fear of elevator can choose this hotel with a peace of mind. You can also have drinks and food in the café and the restaurant in the hotel.

With its spacious rooms, this hotel is suitable for families. Also, this property is kid-friendly; therefore, kids under 5 years of age are free of charges.

As the island is an independent region, you need no visa for entering it. The landmarks of this amazing island are Kish BeachesThe Ancient Town of HarirehGreek ShipDolphin Park ComplexKariz-e KishKish Shopping MallsHendurabi, and the Persian Gulf.


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  • Should I get a Visa before I travel to Kish?
No, Kish is a free economic zone; therefore, you don't have to get a visa to travel to this part of Iran. However, you have to acquire your visa if you want to enter other cities in Iran.  
  • How much is a luxury Hotel in Kish?
Luxury hotels in Kish cost from 18 to 330 euros per night depending on location, services, and room types.   There are many Luxury Hotels near famous Shopping Malls of Kish, you can stay at Dariush Grand Hotel, Maryam Sorinet Hotel, Shayan International Hotel Kish, Marina Park Hotel, and Kish Kourosh Hotel which are some of them.  
  • What are Luxury Hotels near Kish International Airport?
As Kish International Airport is located in the middle of the island, you have to drive at most 15 minutes to get to the airport from everywhere on the island.  
  • Which hotels in Kish have a night club?
According to Islamic laws, clubs, discos, or even casinos are not allowed. Moreover, hotels do not serve alcohol either. As a result, nightlife in Kish has a different concept.


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