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Dolphin Park Complex

Meet the Dolphins

Dolphin Park Complex is the first dolphinarium in Iran which is located in the fantastic Kish Island. Not only you can enjoy the great and amusing dolphin performances in this complex, but also you can visit Bird Garden and Kish Aquarium.

Kish Dolphin Complex

About Kish Dolphin Complex

If you love to watch funny dolphins dance, jump, draw, and even talk, put in some time to watch their performance while you are in Kish. Kish Dolphin Complex is the first of its kind in Iran. This large complex has an area of 100 hectares and it is located on the southeast of the island.

Kish Dolphin Complex

Dolphins are intelligent creatures that will make you wonder. Not only you can visit these lovely dolphins, but also you can swim with them after the show is done! Northern Sea Lion, Northern Sea Cat, and Penguins are other animals that are in this interesting park.

Kish Dolphin Complex

Bird Garden

When you buy a ticket for Kish Dolphin Complex, visiting the Bird Garden is also included in your ticket. This Bird Garden is located inside the Dolphin Complex and it has more than 57 different species of birds. Pelican, ostrich, scarlet macaw, various species of stork, toucan, swans, African penguins, and rare species such as marsh crocodile are some of the residences of this park.

Kish Dolphin Complex

One of the remarkable points in this park is the collection of different species from all over the world from South America to Australia and from East Asia to Africa.

Kish Dolphin Complex

Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium is not a part of the Kish Dolphin Complex, but it is located right next to it. One of the best ways to see the underwater world is diving, a fun activity that you can do in Kish; but if you cannot do diving for any reason, you have the chance to see colorful corals, fish, turtles, and so many other creatures in Kish Aquarium.

Kish Dolphin Complex

This large aquarium consists of two main parts. One with the volume of 50,000 liters that contains sharks, crocodiles, and snakes, and the other one with a volume of 20,000 liters that has 70 rare and interesting fish. The two-meter turtle, taxidermies, and the Paleontology center are other interesting parts of this attraction.

Kish Dolphin Complex

Remember, you don’t have to gain a visa to travel to Kish. It’s a free economic zone! So, don’t worry about the visa process. But, if you want to travel to other parts of Iran, you can apply for a visa online through Apochi.

Kish Dolphin Complex

Location of Kish Dolphin Complex

After watching funny dolphin performances, you can visit other attractions in Kish Island. As Kish is a small island, you do not have a lot of difficulties to reach different places. Kish Beaches, Greek Ship, The Ancient Town of Harireh, Kariz-e Kish, Kish Shopping Malls, Hendurabi, and the Persian Gulf are some of these places.

Dolphin Park Complex

Where to Eat near Kish Dolphin Park

Visiting such a large complex must make you hungry! If you want to try some of the best Persian dishes nearby, you can try Simorgh Restaurant, Foodland Restaurant, and Pars Restaurant. Kooh-e Noor Restaurant and Mirmohana Restaurant are other choices for you.


Where to Stay near Kish Dolphin Park

As mentioned, reaching different parts of Kish Island is not difficult. Therefore, you can stay in most of the hotels on the Island; however, if you want to be near Kish Dolphin Park, Shabaviz Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, and Kish Simoorgh Hotel can be good choices. Also, Kish has a lot of luxury places to stay. Daryush Grand Hotel, Toranj Marine Hotel, and Panorama Hotel are some of your choices on this touristic island.

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Dolphin Park Complex Location

How To Get To Dolphin Park Complex

by Car

If you are staying on the eastern side of the island, where most hotels are located, you will get to this place within 10 minutes by car.

by Plane

You can fly to Kish Island from most large cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz, and Ahvaz. Then, you can reach the complex by car.

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