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Kerman Vakil Bath

A Traditional Persian Bath

Kerman Vakil Bath is a part of the Vakil Complex that in recent years functions as a traditional tea-house and is known as Vakil Teahouse and Restaurant‌. This structure has been established in 1893 in a magnificent structure driven from Zandieh Architecture. It is one of the historical and traditional baths of Kerman. This building has been constructed to imitate Ganjali Khan Bath. In 1990, the entrance of the bath was renovated in the architectural style of its establishing time. It is directly linked to Kerman Bazaar.

Kerman Vakil Bath - Kerman Vakil Complex - Kerman Attractions -

Kerman Vakil Bath Architecture

In this bath, the Sarbineh (changing room) and Garmkhane (main place for taking bath or having massages at Persian baths) are in a massive area and are parallel.

Kerman Vakil Bath - Kerman Vakil Complex - Kerman Attractions -


Sarbineh is designed in regular shape and is combined with different geometric shapes. There are 8 pillars made of stone. A grand pond in the middle of the bath has made it a fantastic scenery. At the two ends of Sarbineh, there are two small rectangular ponds. In the middle of the Sarbineh, there are some platforms above the ground level. The platforms are covered with turquoise tiles. There are some holes all over the place to put your shoes and other stuff.

The ceiling and the walls of Sarbineh are made of brick. All this designing has made the Sarbineh the most spectacular part of the bath.

Vakil Teahouse - Kerman Vakil Bath - Vakil Complex - Kerman Attractions (9)


The pillars made of stone have divided Garmkhane into three main parts. The middle part is in the shape of a square and has 4 pillars and an arc. Another part is a vast area with an arc on 8 pillars and this part has an octagonal pond. The third part is a smaller part that contains a rectangular pond and is located in a peaceful part of Garmkhane.

Vakil Teahouse - Kerman Vakil Bath - Vakil Complex - Kerman Attractions (9)


Khazineh in Persian baths is a large water-filled basin. After passing the stairs, you can enter Khazineh.

Vakil Teahouse - Kerman Vakil Bath - Vakil Complex - Kerman Attractions (9)


The bath entrance consists of a portal, Hashti, and a corridor. The portal is designed with Muqarnas (ornamented vaulting). The head of the portal is ruined and is renovated in recent years. The arcs around Hashti are designed with tile workings of flowers. The angle modification from the portal to Sarbineh has made the temperature transaction decreases. Different skylights on the bath ceiling not only provide the light needed but also features the geometrical beauty of the bath. Recently, the Kerman Vakil Bath functions as a traditional tea-house.


Based on the inscription on the portal of Kerman Vakil Bath, the structure has been built under the command of Mohammad Ismaeel Khan Nouri. He has been ruling from 1898 to 1905 in Kerman.

Where to Stay near Kerman Vakil Bath

Yas Guesthouse is a budget place right across you. Another budget place you can go to is Narenj Hostel. Akhavan Hotel is also a 2-star hotel you can go to. In case you are looking for a luxury hotel, you can go to Kerman Pars Hotel.

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Kerman Vakil Bath Location

How To Get To Kerman Vakil Bath

by Car

Head southwest on ‫Shohada Sq‬‎ toward Shariati St. Exit the roundabout onto Shahid Bahonar Blvd. Turn left onto Abouhamed St. Turn left onto Shahid Chamran St.

on Foot

Head southwest on ‫Shohada Sq‬‎ toward Shariati St. Exit the roundabout onto Mirza Reza Kermani St. Turn right onto ‫Ganjali Khan Bazaar.

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