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Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Collections of Iranian and International Art

They call it the best contemporary museum of Iran after Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Sanati Contemporary Art Museum is one of the most valuable treasuries of Iranian and International artists in Iran. Let’s have a closer look at this museum which is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Kerman.

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

About Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum is a homage to more than 1200 unique pieces of art like sculptures made of bronze, plaster, marble, and wood, Mosaic slabs, black painted pens, oil paints and watercolors. Besides these materials, there is a variety of objects that are built-in different aesthetic styles. Minimalist, Conceptual, Abstract, Calligraphy, Miniature, and Pop Art are some examples.

A Majority of the objects in this museum is the work of Seyed Ali Akbar Sanati who was a great Iranian sculptor and painter. Other items belonging to more than 83 Iranian artists and 16 international artists. Among these artists, you will find some familiar names such as Parviz Tanavoli, Sohrab Sepehri, Kamal-Ol Molk, Auguste Rodin, Henry Spencer Moore, and Emil Nolde.

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

History of Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum was built about 80 years ago by a benefactor named Akbar Sanati. The name of the museum is taken from this great man’s name. He has a large orphanage and took care of numerous orphans.

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Architecture of Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

You can find the name of the museum in calligraphy on clay and brick on its facade. The ceiling of Sanati Contemporary Art Museum is like traditional Persian ceilings in the shape of a dome. In front of the building, there is a porch that keeps the visitors safe from the burning sun of Kerman. On the facade, you can see beautiful turquoise and black ceramics which gave the edifice a great look. The building of the Sanati Contemporary Art Museum was once in the center of architects’ attention because this building is a combination of modern and traditional styles.

You can take a lovely walk in the museum yard, which is in the shape of a Persian garden.

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Location of Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

As you are in the heart of Kerman, you have easy access to other attractions that are in Sanati Contemporary Art Museum vicinity. Kerman National Library, Moayedi Ice-house, and Ganjali Khan Complex are some of these places. If you go further till you are out of Kerman, you can visit Shazdeh Garden, Arg-e Bam, and Rayen Castle as well.

Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Where to Eat near Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Visiting Sanati Contemporary Art Museum made you hungry? Well, in this case, you need to find a restaurant nearby. Here are some of the restaurants in the vicinity: Aboozar Restaurant, Apadana Restaurant, and Teymoory Sandwich.

Where to Stay near Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Looking for hotels near Sanati Contemporary Art Museum? Here are some of your options: for those who are looking for a cheap and budget hotel, Akhavan Hotel, and Govashir Hotel are suitable options. If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel, Hotel Pars Kerman and Golden Days Residence are available nearby.


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Sanati Contemporary Art Museum Location

How To Get To Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

by Car

Find Azadi Sq. as your landmark. Turn to Beheshti St., after five minutes drive, you will find the museum on your right.

by Bus

Find the buses with Vali Asr bus stop in Shariati St. as their destination.

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