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St. Mary Church

A Church with Gothic Architecture

St. Mary Church is the second most visited church in Isfahan after Vank Cathedral. Both Christians and Muslims visit this church. Therefore, the peace that is shared in the hall of the church is not particularly considered for a certain group of people with fixed religious ideologies.

St. Mary Church

Location of St. Mary Church

St. Mary Church is easy to find. Its exact location is in Hakim Nezami Street, Kelisa Avenue. Mehrdad Bus Station is the closest station to this religious site.

Furthermore, other attractions in the vicinity of St. Mary Church are St. Bethlehem Church, Isfahan Music Museum, Si-o-se-pol Bridge, Joui Bridge, Khaju Bridge, Vank Cathedral, and Nazhvan Forest Park. Hence, you can consider visiting these sites as well.

St. Mary Church

History of St. Mary Church

St. Mary Church was built in the 11th century and has been renovated through the following years. The gothic architecture of St. Mary Church was created in 1240. Gothic style has always been at the service of church architecture. It began to become popular before the Renaissance and during Humanism. The considerable point about this style is that pointed arches are prominent and they add to the horror effects of the structure. Perhaps the reason for resorting to it in church architecture had been to emphasize the dignity and elegance of those holy places.

Structure of St. Mary Church

The majestic bell tower of St. Mary Church with its particular design tickles your sense of admiration. The brilliant sound it echoes is soothing to the ears. The Art Museum of this church is located right next to it in which there is a unique collection of gold, paintings, vintage antiques, and statues. Therefore, you can enjoy both the church and the museum in a visit.

St. Mary Church

Where to Eat near St. Mary Church

Restaurants Near St. Mary Church are as follows:

Arabo Sandwich, Hermes Cafe Restaurant, Arc a, Honey, Newsha Italian Restaurant, Nazar Pizza, and Piano Cafe.

So you can get to these restaurants whenever you feel hungry.


Where to Stay near St. Mary Church

Nearest hotels to St. Mary Church are Julfa Hotel (2-Star), Espadana Hotel (3-Star), and Hasht Behesht Hotel (3-Star). Make an online reservation for some nights in one of these hotels if you want to stay in the area.


St. Mary Church Location

How To Get To St. Mary Church

by Car

Find Tohid Street in the southern part of Zayandehrud River, go past by Nazar Street, and St. Mary Church is on the right.

by Bus

Mehrdad Bus Station is the closest station to St. Mary Church.

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