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If the car breaks down and the problem is on our side, we set accommodation for you free of charge.

Can You Hire a Car in Iran Instead of Public Transportation?

Shiraz, Heart of ancient Persia, offers a different vibe altogether, but it’s every bit as enjoyable to explore by car. Our cheap discount rental cars will save you the money you’ll need to pick up souvenirs in the many historical hot spots you’ll visit during your trip. You’ll fit right into one of the cities in Fars province when you wisely choose a cheap car rental in Iran from Apochi. The first is Shiraz! Whether you want to explore “The City, Persian Mainland” or take a trip through its surrounds, our rental cars in Shiraz save you bundles. Onboard a rental car you can move fast between too many attractions in the middle of the city then drive with a relieved mind to the hotel no matter where it is and regardless of time.

Take Your Vacation for a Ride

“Bishapur” is another ancient city to explore by car. You can fly into Shiraz, pick your car rental at the airport and head to Bishapur, so you cut out the middleman and reserve any of our affordable rental cars in Shiraz. Want to whet your appetite for an Adventure road trip? Book one of our discount car rentals in Shiraz and head to the southeast and visit Raghaz Canyon. How about heading a bit further south to start your Persian Gulf Coast road trip? food-themed south of Iran, where you can feast on fresh seafood and spend some time on the shores of the Persian Gulf, freshen up by the local music before moving on.


Rent a Car in Shiraz

You can ride in a traffic-free road to Persepolis when you reserve a car rental in Shiraz. Another option is to book a car rental in Isfahan and then head down to the Persepolis, Marvdasht. Speaking of well-known Silk Road, if you book a car rental in Shiraz, you’ll be perfectly poised to jaunt from local roads to the ancient Silk Road. If amazing Lut desert and its natural wonders and manmade village, carved in the rocks are more your style, reserve an SUV car rental with us, then lose track of time as you move forward into the land of wonders.

The Road is Yours

There’s still a great deal more, though. If your idea of a road trip involves driving to Ahvaz, whether you start by booking one of our cheap rental cars in Shiraz or you begin your journey further south by reserving a car rental in Shiraz, you’re sure to save money when you book with Apochi. Our selection of rental cars in Shiraz includes plenty of SUVs and Sedans, so you can weigh your options and pick the best car fits your budget and itinerary. Another practical spot to deliver your car rental is in Yazd, east of Iran. You can drive from Shiraz to Yazd or Kerman, starting from your hotel with a car rental in Shiraz.


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