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Barfkhane Mountain

A Picturesque Covered with Snow Mountain in Yazd

Barfkhane Mountain is 4011 meters above the sea level. It has a wall with 300 meters in length and is one of the greatest peaks in Tezerjan village in Taft city. Tezerjan Barfkhane Mountain in Yazd province has been divided into different sections.

One is the main Tezerjan peak with 4000-meter height and a 300-meter length wall. The other one is the western Barfkhane peak that is 3950 meters above the sea level with a 150 meters length. The third one is Barfkhane Mil. The fourth one is Fereydouni Mil. Barfkhane is a Persian word meaning the house of snow. It is mostly snowy.


The Climbing Way to Tezerjan Barfkhane Peak

Tezerjan Barfkhane Peak height is 3990 meters. You should start your way from Afshar Abad in Tezerjan. Then choose Poune way to reach the shelter. The crystal and smooth rivers in the mountain make it a fresh and blissful atmosphere on your way. After passing this flowery valley, keep the traverse route and take Poune valley. After walking for two hours, you can see the magnificent peak.


Tezerjan Barfkhane Shelter

This shelter has been built on Shirkuh Mountains. It is a great place for mountaineers to rest. There are different ways to reach the shelter. The most famous one is Poune Valley way which you pass Mr. Mohsen’s field. It is an ideal way to pass in summers. But at winters it is better to take the ridge of the hills, which is between a valley and Mr. Mohsen field. It is so steep. It is better to hike at the beginning of March. Accordingly, you won’t confront hot weather and melting snows. The shelter has a capacity of 25 people and water is available.


Tezerjan Village

It is located in a valley with a pleasant climate in Taft city. The wonderful Shirkuh Mountain surrounds the village. The village foundation dates back to more than 700 years ago. A tombstone that dates back to 1300 is a piece of evidence. Tezerjan is a countryside beside Deh Bala, Hanza, Banadak Sadat. Thousands of tourists choose there to spend their summers at. The springs in the hillside, cozy gardens and fields, and being the habitats of goats are the highlights of this area. Cherry Fiesta is annually held at this village.

Tezerjan Village

The Attractions of Tezerjan Village

Besides all the historical sites, the village has so many eco-tourism attractions. Tezerjan Jame Mosque with the wooden pillars is a great example of the historical sites. So many mountains and a 1500-year-old plane tree are some of the natural sites to mention.

Before they explore the technology of changing water to ice, people in the region went to Barfkhane and cut the ice pieces of the peak and wrap it with straw to avoid it being melt. They took the ice pieces to the village for routine life use.


Barfkhane Mountain Location

How To Get To Barfkhane Mountain

by Car

Get on Yazd-Taft road by car. After reaching Taft city, get on the Tezerjan-Dehbala road. The Barfkhane Mountain is located at Tezerjan Village.

by Bus

Take Taft buses. After reaching Taft city, get on the Tezerjan-Dehbala road. The Barfkhane Mountain is located at Tezerjan Village.

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