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Hegmataneh Hill

The Ancient Capital

Hegmataneh Complex is located on a vast hill which was once called Hegmataneh Hill. Hegmataneh is the largest hill from ancient times in Iran. The estimations indicate that the size of the hill is about 30 hectares. However, if there were no recent structures and modern constructions in this area, the size of the hill would have still been more than 40 hectares.


Location of Hegmataneh Hill

Hegmataneh Hill is now stretched in the two sides of Ekbatan Street in Hamedan. Apart from the great view of the ancient city of Hamedan you get from this hill, what is worth most to the archeologists and to the world is the history behind what lies under your feet.  Yes, you are standing on a Median and Achaemenid city!

History of Hegmataneh Hill

Regarding the researches over Hegmataneh Hill, it seems that the constructions on this hill were made in 17th century BC. when the Medes Empire of Aryan Tribe first moved to Persia. Therefore, Hegmataneh was the capital city of the first Iranian kings and emperors. The recent excavations have brought many findings, priceless to the people who know the value of them. What is left now in Hegmataneh is way too different from how it used to look like back in time. However, that does not change the truth about its real nature. The walls of this ancient city used to have gold and silver coatings. There were several other luxury things to make one of the most initial civilizations as mighty as possible.

Herodotus, the first Greek historian (425-485 BC.) and famous as the Father of History, believed that the Medes chose Hegmataneh Hill as their capital city about 800 BC. According to him, the constructors and architects of this historical city had built a royal complex containing a castle, treasury, and a cantonment. Then they constructed 7 concentric walls around the complex.

One interesting point is that the name of Hegmataneh was engraved on a stone from King Darius the Great in three ancient Persian languages. Some interpreters believe that the meaning of this word is a place where people gather together.


Architecture of Hegmataneh Hill

There are many opinions and interpretations about the exact construction date of Hegmataneh Complex and the purpose of the structure. Nevertheless, the artistic architecture of this ancient complex is what seems admirable to all groups. The architects have built this structure like seven interconnected and labyrinth-like complex. The innermost castle is believed to be the king’s castle while the outer ones are supposed to be used for other usages. Median people built their houses around the construction as the king of the time wanted his people to be living near him.

Another ancient Greek historian believed that the castle had wood, gold, and silver in its structure. He also believed that there were many beautiful engravings and decorations on the doors, arches, and columns.

The researches and excavations have revealed the admiring advanced water system of Hegmataneh Complex. The designers of this system have built the water channels with a 3 meter and a half-width. In addition, the houses in Hegmataneh Complex are built in a parallel and symmetrical way which is another wonder of this complex.


Where to Eat near Hegmataneh Hill

Dareta Restaurant and Café, Bastaan Restaurant, Saeid Restaurant, Shandiz Haji Restaurant, Aryaeian Restaurant, Cactus Restaurant, Hegmataneh Restaurant, Bamboo Fast Food, Golha Restaurant, and Venus Restaurant are the nearby restaurants to Hegmataneh Hill.

Where to Stay near Hegmataneh Hill

Khatam Hotel, Arian Hotel, Parsian BuAli Hotel, Baba Taher International Hotel, Amiran Hotel 1, and Amiran Hotel 2 are the nearby hotels to Hegmataneh Hill.

Hegmataneh Hill Location

How To Get To Hegmataneh Hill

by Car

Find Hegmataneh Square and take the southern exit to get to Hegmataneh Hill.

by Car

Get to Imam Square then take Shohada Street to reach Parvaneha Square. Then take Izar Boulevard and then you will find Hegmataneh Hill.

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