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After visiting the ancient city of Kerman and the famous Arg-e Bam along with other eye-catching sights, it's time to make a change in your itinerary and explore a more modern city in Iran like the capital city of Iran. Tehran has been the center of attention during the past centuries. As the capital city, you can find an interesting view of a nice mixture of old and traditional monuments along with the modern architecture in the structure of the city. Golestan Palace is an obvious example of that fact and in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Moreover, the enchanting nature around Tehran and the ancient buildings and monuments remaining from 100 years ago will intrigue you to book your flight from Kerman to Tehran sooner than you thought. You can search among the low-cost airlines through Apochi and book your flight in a blink of an eye. In the following, you can get some tips on how to find cheap flight deals and Kerman to Tehran flying route information.

What is the schedule for Kerman to Tehran flights?

There are numerous flights from Kerman to Tehran with a maximum number of 11 flights during the week. Therefore, with this schedule, you can easily find the flight that best meets your plans. Naturally, the flights from Kerman to Tehran depart from Kerman International Airport (KER) and land at Mehrabad International Airport (THR).

How long does it take to fly from Kerman to Tehran?

The distance between Kerman to Tehran is about 800 kilometers (497 miles). Therefore, it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to fly from Kerman to Tehran. Furthermore, the driving distance from Kerman to Tehran is  990 kilometers (615 miles) which means 10 hours of road-trip. Although, if you want to spend less time on the way and more time exploring Tehran, you should know that you're just a click away from an easy online booking for your flight to Tehran right here at Apochi.

Apochi can take care of your transportation from/to the airport from/to your final accommodation, resort, hotel or apartment.

How much is a ticket for Kerman to Tehran Flights?

The ticket prices for Kerman to Tehran start from 15 €. If you want to book a flight to Tehran and you are looking for low-cost flight tickets, you should know that depending on the airlines there might be different policies regarding ticket prices, for infants and children as well. Children from 2 to 12 years old will be considered as an adult since they need a separate seat. As a result, there will be no discount on the ticket. Although, some airlines provide discounts around 50 % for children. Also, a ticket for infants will cost around 10% of the main ticket price. Generally speaking, if you attempt to book your flight at least 6 weeks before departure, you will most likely find below-average price flights.

How to find cheap flights from Kerman to Tehran?

Generally, if you are looking for cheap flights to Tehran, winter is the best time to book a flight, even though Tehran is a four-season city and each season has different gifts for Tehran. Anyhow, winter is considered to be a low season for traveling to Tehran. So lower demands, hence lower prices! Accordingly, depending on the “when”, the price for a flight from Kerman to Tehran varies. Finding a cheap flight is determined by a few factors like the date and the season you search the flight for, the day of your departure and the number of available seats. Kerman to Tehran is a busy route. Hence, you can always manage to find cheap flights to Tehran. To do that, it’s better to search for your flight during the week rather than the weekend.

Another important factor to find the cheapest flight from Kerman to Tehran is to book your flight at least 2 months in advance. Moreover, Apochi with access to the wide range of searching for flights will help you find the cheapest flight ticket and guides you to a smooth online booking. By finding last minute flight deals, Apochi will help you save your budget for your next trip too.

Looking For Cheap Flights to Tehran?

Which airlines provide Kerman to Tehran flights?

Many different airlines provide Kerman to Tehran flights. Generally, around 11 flights take off from Kerman International Airport (KER) to Mehrabad International Airport (THR) per week. In the following, you can find some of the airlines that offer flights to Tehran with different time schedules. Please note that depending on the time of your departure specific flights on specific dates from specific airlines are available.

Now you know the airlines that fly most frequently between Kerman to Tehran. Therefore, you can always manage to find low-cost airlines whether you are looking for a one-way ticket or a round-way ticket from Kerman to Tehran.

Baggage Allowance & Hand-In Baggage

Depending on the airline that provides the flight from Kerman to Tehran, the baggage allowance might be a little bit different in the amount. In the following, you can see a list that shows baggage allowance amount from different airlines.

Airline Class Free Baggage Allowance (kg)
Adult/Child Infant Infant
Business 23 10
Iran Air Economy 23 10
Promotional 23 10
Taban Airline Economy 20 10
Mahan Airline* All 23 10
Aseman Economy 20 10
Qeshm Air Economy 23 10
Zagros Airline Economy 20 10
Naft Airline Economy 23 10
ATA Airline Economy 20 10
IranAir Tours Economy 23 10
Caspian Airline Economy 23 10
Kish Air Economy 20 10
Meraj Airlines* Economy 20 10
Atrak Economy 20 10
*At the moment, due to the political sanctions and European laws, we are not allowed to sell Meraj airline and Mahan Airways flight tickets. We will start selling online tickets for mentioned airlines when sanction lift again. We do apologies for the inconveniences.


For more information regarding the baggage allowance, you can visit the Iranian Domestic Flight Baggage Allowance. Usually, most airlines in the economy and business class allow 5 to 7 kilograms in the cabin. The dimensions of the luggage should be enough to fit in the little wardrobe.

Seat Selection

Normally Iran domestic flight services do not include seat selection. However, Mahan Airlines provide the chance for your convenience so that you can choose your seat on the plane. You can also have an online check-in for your flight with Mahan Airlines.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your flight for any reason, there will be a cancellation charge, deducted based on your flight class. Please note that different airlines have different policies regarding the cancellation. Accordingly, the cancellation charge differs depending on the time of your request. Please make sure to read the cancellation terms and policies before booking your flight.

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Kerman to Tehran Flights FAQ ...

There are about 11 flights from Kerman to Tehran per week with a flexible schedule.

Kerman to Tehran flight takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes on average.

The prices for Kerman to Tehran flights start from 29 €.

Normally winter is the best time that you can find the cheapest flight deals to Tehran.

According to the laws, if you do not hold an identity document you won’t be allowed to take the flight just with your flight ticket. In case you do not hold any identity document you can use your driving license or credit card.

If you are traveling to Tehran from Kerman, you should get on the plane, in Kerman International Airport (KER) and land at Mehrabad International Airport (THR).

It depends on the airline that provides Kerman to Tehran flights. Please check the main article or visit the Iranian Domestic Flight Baggage Allowance.

It is necessary to have your flight ticket printed or on your cell phone and valid identity document (driving license and passport) with you when boarding.

Different airlines have different policies. You can find the elaboration on that in the main article.

There are about 10 airlines that provide direct flights from Kerman to Tehran. You can find their names and logos in the main text.

Hand in baggage
Hand Baggage Dimensions

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Things to do in Tehran

As the capital city, Tehran has so many things to do that you will never get tired of. From historical monuments dating back to the Qajar dynasty to many modern buildings, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. You can feel the flow of life in the delightful Grand Bazaar of Tehran, learn more about Pahlavi history in Niavaran Palace, and get to know Tehran and Iranians beyond media. Although Tehran is considered to be a modern city, the untouched nature around it has always been a must-see destination for tourists. Dizin Ski Resort is a joint place for everyone who enjoys the white of the fresh snow and the adrenaline of skiing. If you love spending time in the green nature, the enchanting forest of Chitgar Park will do the trick. The famous Valiasr Street in Tehran that holds so many years of memories of everyone crossing it, is an attraction itself. Your journey from Kerman to Tehran will be of those trips that you can't forget.


Other Sights & Sounds in Tehran

Explore more attractions in Tehran and get acquainted with the traditions and the unique architecture of the old Iran.

Where to stay in Tehran

Now that you’re thinking of booking a flight to Tehran for sight-seeing or even business agendas, your accommodation should not be a problem since Apochi's best hotel deals are there to assist you. If you are wondering how you can find a nice place to stay in Tehran, with a quick search in Apochi, not only you will find the best hotel deals, but also you can find tour packages, besides low-price plane tickets. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Tehran, Espinace Palace HotelTaj MahalParsian Esteghlal Hotel, and Laleh International Hotel are among the best 5-star hotels in Tehran. In case you have business affairs to take care of and you want to be near Imam Khomeini International Airport, you have the Novotel Hotel and Ibis Hotel to choose as well. Although the prices might be a little overwhelming in the capital city, you will always have other options to stay and have left-over money for your adventure. You can look for cheap hotels or even popular hostels if you are backpacking in Iran. Arian HostelEskan Forsat HotelHi Tehran Hostel and many others that you can find based on your needs. Finding a nice accommodation in Tehran is the easiest thing to do with Apochi.

Recommended Hotels in Tehran

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