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Top 5 Hostels in Yazd

Get to know the top 5 budget hostels in Yazd here. These hostels are Good Feeling Hostel, Yazd Oasis HotelYazd Silk Road Hotel, Backpack Hostel, and Badgir hostel.

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Yazd is a must-see historical city in Iran. The houses and alleys are mostly of adobe and brick, especially in Fahaadaan neighborhood. The nature of adobe labyrinths between the houses causes the wonderful admiration of its visitors. Almost all the hotels, from luxury to budget, and hostels in this city have a touch of Persian traditional architecture and decoration. There is a lot to explore in Yazd. Great landmarks of the city are Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Museum of Mirrors and Lighting, Zoroastrien’s Dakhmeh (Towers of silence), Kharanagh, Barfkhane Mountain, Shegeft Yazdan Cave, Khan Complex, Tehrani Ha House, Dolat Abad Garden, Alexander’s Prison, Heidarzadeh’s Museum, and the well-known Amir Chakhmaq Complex. As public transportation is quite cheap in Iran, you can easily access these touristic sites. The best time to visit Yazd is in spring and autumn. So, plan ahead to get to Yazd without confronting too hot or too cold weather.


What Are the Top 5 Hostels in Yazd?


Good Feeling Hostel

Good Feeling Hostel

Good Feeling Hostel

The first hostel on our list of top 5 hostels in Yazd is Good Feeling Hostel. Initially, as the hostel is located in a good geographical region, many majestic attractions are just nearby. To name some of them, we can mention Khan ComplexAlexander’s PrisonJameh Mosque of Yazd, and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. The building in which this hostel is established belongs to the Qajar era. Therefore, you will stay in a 150-year-old property. Like any other original Persian house, this hostel has a central yard with the rooms of the hostel around it. The roof of Good Feeling Hostel has a fantastic roof which gives a bird’s eye view of the historical city of Yazd. Common facilities of the rooms are TV set and bathroom. So, these facilities will be shared among the guests. Moreover, the price that you pay for your stay includes both Wi-Fi and breakfast. Yazd Sadooghi International Airport is less than 11 kilometers away from this hostel.

Yazd Oasis Hotel

Yazd Oasis Hostel

Yazd Oasis Hostel

Our next economical offer for a stay in Yazd is the 1-star Yazd Oasis Hotel. This 120-year-old property is a memory of the Qajar era. To name some of the nearby attractions, we can mention Seyyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and Jame Mosque of Yazd. Tourists who have stayed here have left some priceless things on the metal door on the right side of the reception as a memory. Yazd Oasis Hotel offers a range of services and amenities at a reasonable price. Traditional Persian fragrant tea is served in the small yard of the hotel where you can create priceless moments and memories. Furthermore, the restaurant in the hotel hospitalizes you with local dishes. In addition, the rooms in the hotel have facilities like a TV, Wi-Fi, and washing machine.

Yazd Silk Road Hotel

Yazd Silk Road Hotel

Yazd Silk Road Hotel

The first cheap hotel on our list is a 2-star traditional hotel called Yazd Silk Road Hotel. There are 20 rooms on 3 floors in this hotel. Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Lari Ha House, Seyyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum, Alexander’s Prison, Markar Clock Tower, Khan Complex, Dolat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd Water Museum, is a nearby attraction. Please also keep in mind to join the tours to Fahadan, an old adobe region in this historical house that has a lot to discover and many attractions to visit. Moreover, Yazd Sadooghi International Airport is about 25 minutes’ drive away. Furthermore, the amenities that this budget property offers its guests are a restaurant, café, laundry, breakfast, and free Wi-Fi.

Backpack Hostel

Yazd Backpack Hostel

Yazd Backpack Hostel

Grab your backpack and head for Backpack Hostel! According to its location that is in the center of the city, a wonderful attraction of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Square, is just in the same location of the hotel. Furthermore, Jameh Mosque of YazdMarkar Clock Tower, Yazd Water MuseumZoroastrian’s Dakhmeh (Towers of silence), and Dolat Abad Garden are other nearby attractions that you can consider. Yazd Sadooghi International Airport is just 13 kilometers away. All the rooms in this hostel have a king size bed. Among the 8 rooms in the hostel, 6 rooms have a private bathroom and the other 2 have a shared bathroom. Moreover, the other facilities that you can find in your room are free Wi-Fi, laundry, kitchen, hairdryer, and iron.

Badgir Hostel

Yazd Badgir Hostel

Yazd Badgir Hostel

The last hostel on our list of budget best hostels in Yazd is Badgir Hostel. Located in the heart of the city, you can get to city landmarks on foot. Some nearby touristic sites are Dolat Abad Garden, Khan Complex, Alexander’s Prison, Seyyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum, Markar Clock Tower, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and Lari Ha House. Moreover, Yazd Sadooghi International Airport is just 9 kilometers away. Therefore, you will not waste a lot of time on your way to/from the airport. When it comes to the services in the hostel, we should mention that Wi-Fi and breakfast are free. You can also drink fragrant cups of Persian tea in the yard of the hostel. In addition, there is also a café where you can have hot or cold drinks as well as snacks. As the hostel is a traditional house, there is not a private bathroom in the rooms. Hence, you should use a shared one.


What are Cheap Hostels in Iran?


Arian Hostel in Tehran

Isfahan Viana Hotel

Ragrug Hostel in Isfahan

Milaveh Hostel in Tehran

Sana Historical Hostel in Kashan

Captain Amini Homestay in Qeshm

Kerman Fanoos Guesthouse

Save on your hotel booking in Yazd!


  • How much is a cheap hotel in Yazd?

Cheap Hotels in Iran cost from 10 to 40 euros per night depending on location, services, and room types.
  • How much is a budget accommodation in Iran?

Budget accommodations in Iran cost from 8 to 45 euros per night depending on the city, facilities, and other variables.
  • Where are the budget restaurants in Yazd?

You can have cheap meals in street food stores and food vendors in downtown Yazd. Moreover, snacks like ice cream, pastries, donuts, and small sandwiches are available at reasonable prices.
  • How are the toilets in Yazd?

Toilets in Yazd are in a special Iranian way. However, all the hotels and some of the hostels and houses have a western toilet as well.
  • Which hotels in Yazd have a night club?

According to Islamic laws, clubs, discos, or even casinos are not allowed. Moreover, hotels do not serve alcohol either. As a result, nightlife in Yazd has a different concept.
  • How is the weather like in Yazd?

Weather conditions in Yazd are normally hot in summer and cold in winter.
  • When is the best time to visit Yazd?

Therefore, the best time to visit Yazd is either spring or autumn when the weather is a bit milder.


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