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Saltmen Museum

Meet the Salty Mummies

Did you know there are mummies in Iran? The Saltmen were six people who tragically died in a salt mine around 2500 years ago. As a result, some of the bodies stayed intact. Stay tuned to find out more about these six bodies and where they are kept now; Saltmen Museum in Zanjan.

Saltmen Museum

About Saltmen Museum

In the winter of 1993, six mummified men were discovered in Chehrabad salt mine. Among these mummies, there are a woman and a teenager. Some of the bodies are severely damaged by the bulldozer, but the others are complete and intact.

Saltmen Museum

The studies of the Saltmen revealed that they belong to the Achaemenid period, which means they are almost 2500 years old. What is interesting about these bodies is that after these years, apart from the bodies themselves, some of their belongings such as clothes and accessories remain intact.

Saltmen Museum

The volume of the salt that surrounded these six men was so high. This situation helped the flesh reservation. The clothes and equipment which were buried with the mummies, helped the archeologists to better understand the lifestyle of people of that area.

Saltman number four is the most intact one. You can see that him in the exact gesture when he died. Also, one of the men’s head is now in the National Museum of Iran.

Saltmen Museum

Location of Saltmen Museum

Saltmen Museum (Mardan-e Namaki) is inside a beautiful house named Zolfaghari House. This mansion was built in the Qajar era and has an interesting architecture. From Saltmen Museum, you can easily access to other attractions such as Rakhtshooy Khaneh, Zanjan Grand Bazaar, and Soltaniyeh. Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Kataleh Khor Cave.

Saltmen Museum

Where to Eat near Saltmen Museum

You can try a mouth-watering meal at Bonab Kebab Restaurant, Reyhoon Restaurant, and Respina Cafe which all are near Saltmen Museum.

Where to Stay near Saltmen Museum

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Saltmen Museum Location

How To Get To Saltmen Museum

By Car

Find Enqelab Sq., go to west Imam Khomeini St., then turn to Taleqani St. on your right. You will find the museum at Taleqani St. and Zeinabieh St. interjunction.

By Bus

Find buses in Zeinabieh St., get off the bus at the Taleqani/Zeinabieh bus stop.

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