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Katale Khor Cave

a Wet & Dry Cave

Kataleh Khor Cave is the largest wet/dry cave that is located in Khoda Bandeh Town in Zanjan Province. Some say this cave is the most beautiful cave in Iran. Stay with Apochi to discover this unique attraction in Iran.

Katale Khor Cave

About Katale Khor Cave

This magnificent cave was discovered in 1954 by a climber team in Iran. Assadollah Jamali, a member of this famous group, registered it officially and after that, this cave became one of the popular destinations for nature lovers.

Just like the other extended cave of Iran, Ali Sadr Cave, Kataleh Khor is made of limestone. But unlike Ali Sadr, which is a wet cave, Kataleh Khor is both wet and dry. The density of lime in this cave is so high that the light can go through limestones, making the view so spectacular.

Katale Khor Cave

One of the most exciting things that you should know about Kataleh Khor Cave is that some people believe that this cave’s unexplored end is connected to Ali Sadr Cave.

Another fascinating thing about this cave is that speleologists examine that this cave has at least seven floors. For now, we only explored three of them.

The skeleton remainings of eighty humans which were founded in this cave suggest that Kataleh Khor was home to cavemen. Also, you can enjoy watching huge stalagmites and stalactites in this 120-million-year-old cave.

Katale Khor Cave

What to Do in Katale Khor Cave

Kataleh Khor cave is divided into three main sections: cultural section, recreational section, and sports section. As a normal tourist, you can visit the cultural and recreational parts. But if you are a professional caver or climber, you are welcome to explore the sports part of this cave. The sports part of this cave has more than four kilometers and until today, no one was able to reach its end.

Katale Khor Cave

Location of Katale Khor Cave

Visiting Kataleh Khor Cave is going to take your time. So, make sure you dedicate a whole day. If you are traveling to Zanjan, you can enjoy other attractions such as Rakhtshooy Khaneh, Saltman Museum, Zanjan, Grand Bazaar, and The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Soltanieh. If you are in Hamedan, don’t miss visiting Hegmataneh Hill, Ganjnameh, and the fantastic Ali Sadr Cave.

Katale Khor Cave

Where to Eat near Katale Khor Cave

There are some restaurants near the entrance of Kataleh Khor Cave that you can use. Also, if you are in Zanjan, try a delicious Persian meal at Abedini Dizi, Cafe Bazaar, and Halim Pazi Asghari.

Where to Stay near Katale Khor Cave

There is no hotel near Kataleh Khor, but you can spend the night in Zanjan. Apochi can offer you luxury hotels like Zanjan Grand Hotel. If you want to stay at an affordable place, you can check out the budget hotels like Zanjan Sepehr Apartment Hotel and Zanjan Park Hotel. Have a taste for traditional hotels? Then you can choose Dadmaan Hotel.


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Katale Khor Cave Location

How To Get To Katale Khor Cave

By Car

You need to get to Khoda Bandeh town, and then go 80 km toward the southwest of Gheidar town.

By Plane

You can fly to Zanjan from Tehran. Then, you need to get to Khoda Bandeh town, and then go 80 km toward the southwest of Gheidar town.

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