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Jamkaran Mosque

Imam Zaman Mosque

Jamkaran Mosque is located in Jamkaran Village, within a 6-kilometer distance from Qom, the second religious capital city of Iran. Shia people believe that the construction of Jamkaran Mosque has some affiliations with Sheikh Hassan Ebn Mesleh Jamkarani. He had claimed that he had seen Imam Zaman, the 12th Imam of Shia, who had ordered him to build the mosque during their meeting. Just recently, the mosque has gained a great reputation among the pilgrim, especially young people.


History of Jamkaran Mosque

Getting back in time to the point when the decision upon building the mosque was made, we encounter Hassan Ebn Mesleh Jamkarani. It is said that this man had a meeting with the 12th Imam of Shia, Imam Zaman (Saheb Al Zaman), in which the Imam ordered him on building the mosque.

Jamkaran Mosque has been repaired and renovated several times since its construction. The mosque has had a small building before the Revolution of Iran but has improved a lot after that. It is interesting to know that the government of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad donated £10 million to fund the project of expanding the small mosque into a massive mosque.

Jamkaran Mosque

Well of Requests in Jamkaran Mosque

Outside the building, there is a well that is known as ‘Well of Requests’. According to the beliefs of some of Shia people, they write their requests and letters to Imam Zaman on a piece of paper and drop it into the well so that Imam Zaman would read them. However, there is no evidence for the proof of this belief and the religious leaders and characters of Iran do not approve it. It is also said that there is a small well in the mosque from where people take some amounts of soil as a holy thing. Nevertheless, it is not in accordance with true religious beliefs either. The main mosque and the well have recently been restricted to foreign press as the foreign images of the mosque are now in a sensitive stage.

Jamkaran Mosque

Tuesday Night in Jamkaran Mosque

Tuesday in Shia religion is particularly affiliated with Imam Zaman. The day is supposed to be the day that Imam Zaman takes requests though invisible. Thousands of people head for the mosque at this night and pray for Imam Zaman while asking him their own requests and wishes. Religious gatherings and religious deeds are done too. As the Islamic law keeps the sexes apart in public places, there are two areas devoted to each sex. The mosque is host to many poor people on Tuesdays and gives them a free evening meal.

Jamkaran Mosque

Location of Jamkaran Mosque

Jamkaran Village is located in the southeastern part of the city of Qom. You can get to this mosque through Payambar Azm Boulevard or Qom-Kashan Road.

Jamkaran Mosque

Where to Eat near Jamkaran Mosque

Amiraneh Restaurant, Taheri Fried Chicken, Gol Mary Restaurant, Damavand Restaurant, and a lot of other restaurants are near Jamkaran Mosque.

Where to Stay near Jamkaran Mosque

Qom International Hotel, Karimeh Hotel, and Parsia Hotel are the nearby hotels to Jamkaran Mosque.

Jamkaran Mosque Location

How To Get To Jamkaran Mosque

by Car

Drive along Qom-Kashan Road to find street signs to Jamkaran Mosque.

by Car

Drive along Payambar Azam Boulevard to reach Al-e Yasin Square. Go past by the square and you will enter the area of the mosque.

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