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Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

Say Goodbye to your Pains

Have you chosen Sarein as your next destination in Iran and want to enjoy its incredible hot springs? Well, in this case, you can choose Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex. Sarein is one of the best tourist cities in Ardebil, especially when it comes to health tourism. Stay with Apochi to find out more about this complex.

Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

About Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

Sarein is known for its many hot springs everywhere in the city. Being the largest and most important hot springs in the Middle East, the Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex has a lot of remedial effects. It is the most catchy and of course the most well-known attraction of Sarein.

People with different illnesses go to this place and not surprisingly, they are completely cured. The complex has modern equipment like roofed pools (one for men and two for women), dry and steam saunas, physiotherapy sections, individual shower or bathtubs, buffet, and restaurant. The space is about 7000 square meters and is designed on 2 floors.

The complex is open every day from 8 A.M. to 24 P.M.

Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

Location of Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

As Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex is located in the heart of the city, you can easily access other attractions of Sarein. Anahita Hill, Alvaresi Village, and Shayegh Village are some wonderful places to visit, especially for winter sports and also during summer.

Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

Where to Eat near Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

Apart from the restaurant inside the complex, there is a lot of restaurants nearby. Adle Minaei Restaurant, Shayan Restaurant, Laleh Zar Café, Atrak Restaurant, Minou Restaurant, and Khatai Restaurant are some of these places.

Where to Stay near Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

As you are in the center of the city, there is a lot of hotels near the Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, you can choose Sarein Laleh Hotel, Sarein Pedram Hotel, and  Sarein Royal Park Hotel. If you prefer to stay in a budget hotel or a hotel with more reasonable prices, you can choose Ershad Hotel, Sarein Koroush Hotel, and Kabir Hotel.


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Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex Location

How To Get To Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex

by Car

Find Gavmishgoli Sq., then turn to the western Valiasr St, and turn to Danesh St. There you can find the complex in front of Sarein Laleh Hotel.

by Plane

You have to fly to Ardabil, and then go to Sarein. Find Gavmishgoli Sq., then turn to the western Valiasr St, and turn to Danesh St. There you can find the complex in front of Sarein Laleh Hotel.

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